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Solar Charms

AlsaceAndLorraine/AlsacePresenceCharms (not yet up)


AlsaceAndLorraine/Cytherea , Mother of Creation.
AlsaceAndLorraine/Gaia, a sinister perspective

A Very Dragonblooded Interlude

It is a time of R&R for our valiant ST Mark, and so in these dark times a brave soul steps to the plate to bring light to the darkness - to bring game where there was no game! That soul is SARA, and here we chronicle her tale - the adventures of a group of young dragonbloods facing a new and dark threat in the Threshold.

A Very Dragonblooded Interlude

With quill and parchment, it is I, onine who shall scribe this tale for readers generations to come.

Just out of curiosty why are you using the name of two iron rich provinces in France that border Germany? - Paladinltd

I had the Franco-German War and WWI on the brain when I was creating my username. -A&L