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Within Autochthonia, who you were is often more important than who you are. The past lives of souls can be traced by the Sodalts, and they determine your rank and position in Autochthonia. This background can only be taken by mortals, since Exalted are different and outside of the caste structure. -Darzoni
x: You are Lumpen or you are an outsider who does not belong in Autochthonia. Life is hard because you are not truly a part of Autochthonian society.
*: You are a Laborer or Aide within the Populat. It is not glamourous, but you are kept busy.
**: You are a Shift Chief or Foreman within the Populat. It is a position that carries the responsibility of making sure that your Laborers and Aides are working at an optimum efficiency.
***: You are a Supervisor or Director, carrying the weight of managing many workers to ensure the well-being of your subordinates and the whole of the city.
****: You are a member of the Olgotary or Theomachracy, guiding the souls of your entire nation within Autochthon so that the nation is kept safe.
*****: You are an exceptional individual who comprehends the complex mechanisms of Autochthon, and are fortunate enough to possess a soul who held membership in one of the Sodalties.

Comments and Suggestions

I don't have my Abyssals book on me, but it seems to me that the Whispers background would apply to Alchemicals, since the more advanced ones can hear Autochthon speaking to them. I'm going to design a background that applies specifically to Autochthonian mortals called Lineage, it deals with what kind of soul you were given at birth and your social status within Autochthonia. -Darzoni

-- Isn't this actual in the Autocthonian rulebook as 'class'? - Edward_Fortune