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Ahlat is the Southern God of War and Cattle. He is part of the Celestial Bureaucracy's Bureau of Heaven, and answers to E-Naluna, the Goddess of War. He is the patron god of Harborhead


Ahlat is served by the following gods, as well as a legion of war spirits, the war aurochs.

  • Clan Strife, Major Domo (HotBG p82)
  • Bloody Brush, Factotum (HotBG p84) (Secretly loyal to Saturn)
  • Horn of Ink, Overseer of Cattle (HotBG p84)
  • Sharp Edge, Dedicant of the Daiklave (HotBG p86)
  • Cunning Stratagem, Warleader (HotBG p89)
  • Broken Horn, Herald (HotBG p89)

Among mortals, Ahlat is chiefly served by the Brides of Ahlat, mortal women who wed him in a religious ceremony. They are noted warriors, and form the Royal Guard of Harborhead.