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I tend to make characters when I'm bored, so here you go. Hopefully people will find them as amusing as I do.


I gravitate toward Zeniths more than anything, which is why there are a lot of Zeniths hanging around here. Maybe I just like having tea with the Unconquered Sun or something.

  • Kuroi Adi : A young Western Zenith dealing with a rowdy disciple, a bickering circle, and her own pregnancy with admirable grace.
  • Samadhi : The first character I ever made: A Zenith living with her followers in a desert manse near Chiaroscuro.
  • Three Brilliant Stars : An obsessive Twilight craftsman searching endlessly for his precious stolen Hearthstones.
  • Fast of Shadows : A Haltan Night caste. Also, an attempt at a trickster character.
  • Thanit Rakhiel : A Twilight inventor formerly of the Dynasty with a penchant for Science!.
  • Cheerful Sky : A Dawn Caste martial artist searching for a way to restore balance to Creation.


  • Crane and Heaven's Father : A vengeful Lunar prince looking to destroy the barbarians who massacred his tribe.
  • Rain and Feather Prince : A bandit king from the far East with a penchant for pretty women. And pretty men. And pretty much anything that moves.


  • Jack of Hearts : An atypical Chosen of Serenity who owns and operates a high-class brothel in Nexus.
  • Sweet Breath of Morning : She's a Chosen of Serenity looking for work on Creation. Heaven help her when she finally finds it...
  • Brilliant Raven in Amaranth Robes : A Chosen of Battles, one of Heaven's field agents who, despite her innocent looks, could probably kill you with her little finger. No, I'm serious. She's deadly.



  • Ragara Sundara : An Air Aspected spymaster and member of both the Thousand Scales and the All-Seeing Eye.


God-Blooded, Etc.

  • Zephyranth : A Fire-Blooded former pleasure slave, and assistant to the brothel owner he's in love with. Of course, he doesn't realize his beloved Master is actually a Sidereal.


The following characters are meant to be kind of silly -- they're for a humor game I plan on running sometime in the near future (if I can track down my players, of course...). So, take them all with a grain of salt.

  • One Hand Clapping : A Zenith Solar and former (quite clumsy) Immaculate monk. What is the sound of one hand clapping? CRASHBANGTUMBLE "Sorry! I'll clean it up!"
  • Love from the Linden Trees : An Eclipse Solar, formerly an entertainer from Nexus, who now travels around with his talking horse familiar, Picasso. Guess the reference!
  • Bouncing Glass : A Solar so fed up with his Sidereal-guided life that he's trying to kill himself -- only to find his efforts foiled at each turn by said Sidereals.
  • Tragical Tear Princess : She is OMG SO TRAGICAL.
  • The Starmetal Patrol : Two Sidereals (one Journeys, one Endings) who have made it their mission to track down every piece of falling starmetal they can. Yet another pop-culture reference!
  • Unpronounceable Symbol : An Abyssal Dusk whose Malfean name cannot be pronounced by mortal means, lest it drive all who hear it insane instantly. He's trying to renegotiate his contract.
  • A Yet-Unnamed Lunar : A Full Moon Lunar. Totem animal: Penguin!

And Other Things

Acantha/DeathLords : Because everyone wants more death. Really.

General Comments