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Ashande's Lair

Incomparable Browbeating Technique
Cost: 3 motes
Duration: One Scene
Type: Supplemental
Min. Presence: 4
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Elegant Tyrant's Majesty

An Abyssal not getting the respect or result he desires always has options. Many might simply reach for the Daiklave and have done with it, but a few others prefer to finesse things in a more subtle manner. By tapping into a given victim's subconscious memories and dredging up memories of someone who has abused or otherwise frightened the victim greatly in the past, he creates a form of mental link, the victim associating the Abyssal with that past abuse.
For the remainder of the scene in which this Charm is activated, the Abyssal appears especially terrifying to his chosen victim, a living personification of the worst fear and torture the character has ever experienced. This allows the Abyssal to add his Permanent Essence to any and all Presence rolls devoted to cowing, bullying or intimidating the victim into submission to the Abyssal's will.
Other onlookers do not see the change come over the Abyssal, and regard him as they normally would. The Abyssal remains unaware of precisely what memories or feelings he's evoked in his victim, but knows instinctively how to press the advantage. Victims who have had particularly severe trauma may be required to roll Valor to remain in the Abyssal's presence while this Charm is active.
Incomparable Browbeating Technique does stack with other Presence-affecting Charms, but the upper limit of no more than double the Abyssal's Attribute+Presence pool still stands.