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Abyssal Occult Charms

by CorlanDashiva

These charms were written by a player of mine, who wants to play an Abyssal heading towards being a Tzimisce. I've tidied them up and changed a few things, and thought I'd post them here for comments, criticism and the like.\\

Enlightening the Dead Mind</b>

<b>Cost: 15 motes, 1 WP
Duration: Special
Type: Simple
Min. Occult: 4
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Living Surgery Technique here

This charm allows an Abyssal to trap the higher soul of someone who recently died in the target's own brain, which is then kept alive through the use of Necromancy. Before this charm can be used the brain must be removed from the body without damaging it, requiring an appropriate roll (e.g. Dex + Crafts:Necrosurgery) at difficulty 2. The brain is very fragile (soak 1, 2 levels of damage will kill it). When this charm is used the Abyssal must roll Willpower against a difficulty of the target's Essence. If they are successful, the higher soul of the target is forced into the brain and trapped there. This relies on the higher soul of the target still being present, which is automatically not true of other Abyssals. Generally, higher souls are drawn into the Underworld after three days, but this can vary. The souls of those with faith in reincarnation (such as most DBs and Immaculates) will linger for far less time.

Without the use of other charms, the brain is incapable of communication or sensing of the outside world. This may cause insanity or severe mental instability if a person is left in this state for an extended period of time.

Soul Graft</b>

<b>Cost: Special + 1 WP
Duration: Permanent
Type: Simple
Min. Occult 5
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Enlightening the Dead Mind, Animate the Dead here

This charm allows the Abyssal to attach a soul (normally from the use of Enlightening the Dead Mind) to an already raised zombie. The zombie may come from any source. When using this charm, the Abyssal may choose to enhance mental and social traits, as well as abilities.

The Abyssal must make an appropriate roll (e.g. Dex + crafts: necrosurgery) against a difficulty of 3 to install the brain within the zombie. Then the Abyssal rolls his essence rating. This charm costs 15 motes per success and one willpower. Each success allows you to replace one of the zombies attribute traits with that of the soul within the brain, or two of the zombie's ability ratings with that of the soul within the brain. No ability or Social attribute can exceed the Intelligence of the zombie, so Intelligence is normally where the first success is spent. The newly intelligent zombie will be bound to serve the Abyssal, but it's memories of it previous life will be fragmented and disjointed.

This charm can be used multiple times, to allow the brain more recollection and more use of it's prior abilities. If all mental and social attributes are restored, and most or all of the skills, then the soul will have almost full recollection of it's former life.

This charm requires a commitment cost of 2 motes for each time it is used. The only way to get motes committed to this charm back is to destroy the zombie enhanced by it.