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Poisoned Lotus Blade
Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Melee 5, Essence 4, Whispers 4; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Obvious, Poison, Stackable
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: Resplendant Shadow Blade, Soul-Cleaving Wound

There are many poisons in existance. Those of Creation pale before the venom of the Yozi and those venoms pale before the poisonous hate of the Neverborn. The Deathknight coats his weapon in a diluted form of it and those around him who are not Creatures of Death find themselves dying. Black ooze coats the Abyssal's blade and drips into the earth surely killing any small plants or animal life. Some of it seeps into the air as well making a deadly cloud within (Essence + Melee) yards of the weapon. Though it is a poison its rules follow that of Environmental Effects. Its damage is Essence L/action with a trauma of Essence. Furthermore anyone hit with the weapon and suffering a damaging blow from it should immidiently check for additional damage as the poison seeps into them.

Army of Bloodied Blades Technique
Cost: 10m, 1wp, 1lhl; Mins: Melee 5, Essence 5, Whispers 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Avatar, Combo-Basic, Extra Action, Obvious
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: Resplendent Shadow Blade, Thousand Wounds Feinting

The Deathknight extends their hand and it explodes showering the walls and ground around them in blood. As the hand reforms the largest pools of blood form into blades of twisted blood, bone and black Neverborn essence. Possessed of a hunger they obey the Abyssal's dark will and kill his enemies. Mechanically the charm creates Essence identical weapons(But need not be swords at this point) just like the Abyssal could make from Resplendent Shadow Blade. They have always have a speed of five and a rate of 1 though and can not have more point spent on Accuracy then the Abyssal has Melee. Directing the swords does not take an action and while they can not help the abyssal do co-ordinated attacks they can help to surround a foe or surround one on their own and benifit from the normal rules for when a single person has 5 people surrounding them. Their attack dice pool uses the Abyssal's own Dexterity, Melee and Specialties. Charms can not be used through these weapons except for Ravening Mouth of Melee. Other Extra Action charms may not be used while this charm is active.