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Ashande's Lair

Soul Thievery
 Cost: 20 motes, 2 Willpower, Essence *7 XP
 Duration: Special
 Type: Supplemental
 Minimum Lore: 5
 Minimum Larceny: 4
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: Suggestions welcome, here. :)

Abyssals are often considered to be thieves. Theft of life, in their quest for the world's death, and ability to feed on the living nature of others to replenish their stores of Essence. Theft of magic, being stolen and corrupted Solar sparks. Even theft of identity, via their Larceny charms. But no fickle fingers can compare to their greatest theivery of all - stealing a soul. Abyssals who know this charm may, in time, come to be some of the most fearsome and powerful entities known in Creation. An Abyssal must make a standard grab or clinch attack, and bite with his fangs. The charm accents the attack to steal more than simple motes, allowing the Exalt to drain the very Essence of his target. If this charm is used to augment a bite against an Exalted target with a permanent Essence greater than his attacker, both characters must engage in an extended and resisted Willpower roll, difficulty 3. This roll continues until one or the other achieves 5 net successes, or the victim breaks the hold. If the Abyssal manages to reach 5 successes first, he has devoured the soul-spark of his victim, bringing an addictive rush and raising his own Permanent Essence by 1. This process invariably kills the target. Should the victim succeed, the Abyssal is faced with a sudden backlash of Exalted power, flinging him from his prospective victim and causing 7 health levels of lethal damage, soakable only with the Abyssal's unmodified Stamina. If the clinch is broken, the charm ends. If this Charm is used against a victim with a lower Permanent Essence, then nothing happens. It also does not affect unExalted targets. This charm may not be a part of a combo.

Blessing of the Dark Father
 Cost: 1+ XP
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Special
 Minimum Lore: 4
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: A Touch of Death, Chaos Searing Treatment

Abyssals putting their talents to use in rearing monstrous and death tainted children often find such children to be a disappointment, unable to manage even the simplest of tasks they were created for. With the help of his Charm, however, the Abyssal may mitigate that somewhat, imparting some of his power and learning into the unborn child or beast so as to make it a better servant once it matures.
When using a Touch of Death or any of the Charms that spring from it, the Abyssal has the option of also activating this Charm by spending a number of Experience Points. For each Experience Point spent, the child gains 1 Bonus Point, to be spent as the Abyssal desires. Of course, he still has to wait for the child to grow up - unless he was using Birthing the Beast - but it ensures a bit more competence from his eventual slave.
The Abyssal may not spend more XP on this charm than the sum of his Essence + Lore.
This Charm does not need to be part of a Combo to function; it ignores existing rules about Charm use per turn. This Charm may only be activated at the same time as the pregnancy-altering Charm is used; using it afterward will have no effect.