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Level Five Abyssal Hearthstones

Apathy Stone

by Ikselam

Manse •••••
Trigger: Concentration (Reflexive) and Willpower expenditure.

This lenticular gemstone is a smoky gray, and is laced with a multitude of internal flaws and fractures. When attuned, it can project a powerful aura of despair and lassitude, sapping the will of even the most stalwart heroes. To activate this power, the character concentrates briefly and expends a point of temporary Willpower; for the remainder of the scene, anyone within twenty yards of him who wishes to spend Willpower points for any purpose must expend double the normal amount.

This power does not distinguish friend from foe, but the character himself is unaffected.

Gem of the Night Sky

Book of Three Circles, p. 119

Nightwalker's Gem

by Ikselam

Manse •••••
Trigger: Deep night. 

This octagonal stone is a deep, unreflective black. When attuned, it harmonizes its wearer with the power of darkness and shadow. During the hours of true night, when the sky is untouched by sunlight, the character gains one dot of permanent Essence. This affects the size of her Essence pool, her ability to use and learn Charms, her resistance to certain magic powers, and all other things Essence is used for. However, she also becomes incapable of regaining motes of Essence while she is touched by direct sunlight. The only motes exempt from this rule are those granted as a result of successful stunts.

If an effect permanently reduces the character's Essence score while she is benefiting from the bonus dot the stone grants, the bonus dot is consumed first; this causes the stone to become totally inert until it has been returned to its Manse and left there for five consecutive days, after which it regains full functionality.

Stone of the Inescapable Oubliett

by Ikselam

Manse •••••
Trigger: Touch.

This dead-black orb emanates a palpable chill, and seems to suck light in. When attuned, it can suck people in. This requires the bearer to touch the stone to the target and expend a point of Willpower. The target and the bearer then engage in a reflexive opposed Essence test. If the target wins or ties, she will be unaffected and will be immune to the stone's effects for a year. If she loses, her body and soul will be sucked into the stone and trapped there for up to the next lunar month. If she botches, she will be trapped in the stone forever unless its owner chooses to release her. Anything she was carrying, with the exception of clothing and attuned artifacts, will be left behind when she is consigned to the Inescapable Oubliette. If the stone's user botches, the target will be unaffected and will be immune to the stone's effects forever.

The only ways for a character to escape the stone are for the power's duration to expire, the stone's owner to decide that he wants to release her, or the stone to be destroyed. Only one person can be imprisoned in the stone at a time. Characters inside the stone don't become thirsty or hungry, but do need to sleep. A character who is sucked into the stone finds herself lying on a black basalt floor, inside a circle of wan light. In the center of the spotlight is a pedestal holding a large replica of the Stone of the Inescapable Oubliette. By looking into the gem, she can see what is going on outside it. Outside the spotlight is impenetrable darkness. What lies outside the circle of light is left up to the Storyteller's discretion.

Jewel of Incorporeality

by CrownedSun

Manse •••••
Trigger: Concentration

This ghostly white gem seems to shimmer in and out of existance, and is slightly chill to the touch. The bearer of the Jewel finds herself able to casually slip in and out of incorporeality. One moment she stands full in the material world, and a moment later her form becomes a hazy phantom of ghostly mist which quickly dissipates into nothingness. Yet the character remains, immaterial and unseen to any not possessed of an ability to see ghosts, spirits, and other incorporeal beings.

This requires a dice-action, though not a very demanding one. Any penalities that reduce your Wits + Occult pool to 0 prevent you from shifting from mateiral to immaterial. This includes multiple action penalities, as well as other kinds of penalities. If the character has at least 1 dice in the above pool, however, he can shift without making a roll. While in this state the character can still see Creation, though with some slight difficulty. Material beings seem somewhat hazy, and are often blocked in mist, and small details can be missed (make a perception + awareness roll, difficulty set by the Storyteller, to notice any small and hard-to-notice matters while immaterial.) You cannot interact with the material world in any way, other than observation, while using this charm. Your attacks pass harmlessly through them, as does your body. You can also pass through material obstacles, though particularly dense ones consume one health level to pass through. Other immaterial beings can also be seen by the person using this stone, and more than seen! While immaterial with this stones power, the character is fully in the world of these powers; they can use their powers on him at will (even powers that would normally only affect spirits or ghosts; lingering effects fade once the character becomes material again however), or attack him without penality or cost (he's fully solid to them). The character treats them the same way, except that they are only subject to charms that would affect their own nature (a charm that only affects mortals won't work on an immaterial god, etc.)

Finally, while under the effects of this charm you are not subject to any wards or barriers set-up for ghosts. Any wards that might be keyed toward Abyssals will affect you somewhat more readily (simply subtract your Essence from the strength, rather than twice that number). Any attacks made by material inhabitants that can strike immaterial beings can also strike you, though they will also need some method to see you.

The Withering Gem

Book of Three Circles, p. 119