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Here is the list of Abyssal Strategies. Please add or comment! -Clebo

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Abyssal Strategies

1. Dance of the Draining Death. Use persistent dodge defense, perfect clinch charm, followed by charmed speeded blood draining. Author: Clebo

2. Cold Hyper-Drain. Without needing any warm up, a (high willpower) Abyssal without armour and at very long (sight) range uses a Combo of Unnatural Shambling Deftness and Breath Draining Prana targetted at the essence pool. By the bye, the reflexive defences included are Fivefold Shadow Form (low cost entropic dodge), Flowing Evasion Assault (dodge without a roll) and Incomparable Sentinel Stance (perfect, applicable parry). For just two willpower or one with a good stunt, at a mere Essence 3 Willpower 8, this nets a differential of about 16 essence motes per turn while paying for the almost invulnerable defence. Author: BrokenShade