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Soul Hungry Worm
Cost: -; Mins: Archery 5, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Crippling, Stackable
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Twisting Spiteful Shaft

No longer does an arrow that has found its way inside a foe merely harm flesh alone thanks to this charms enhancement of Twisting Spiteful Shaft. The first effect is to increase the damage from each interval of the Twisting Spiteful Shaft by 1. Alternatively the Abyssal can have do no damage and worm through the body disturbingly but without damage. Each turn it does this increase the difficulty to remove it by 1 up to an additional max of the Abyssal's Essence. Finally if the Abyssal spends a WP the arrow strikes at the soul. Doing so uses up the arrow and it will inflict no more damage however it can harm more then just flesh. The Abyssal can have it reduce the victim's permanent Essence by 1. They can not use charms that require higher essence then they possess and their mote pools are likewise limited though they regain use of the charms as soon as they restore their Essence. A foe reduced to 0 this way dies as their very life force is snuffed out. Or the Deathknight can reduce a Virtue by one to a minimum of 1. The Virtue that fuels an Exalt's Limit Break can not be so reduced. Finally the Abyssal can choose to reduce the victim's Willpower by 2 dots. If a victim has multiple Twisting Spiteful Shafts at work on him this charm consumes them all for no additional bonus.

For mortals and creatures of the Wyld the damage so inflicted is permanent without spending experience as normal or through powerful charms. Essence wielders who are not of the Wyld require a day of rest for each use of this charm on them during which time they can not respire Essence or heal in other ways. Activating Transcendant Hero's Meditation(Exalted pg. 201) instantly restoring the Solar to full power and flaring their anima to its iconic level. This charm is compatable with effects such as firewands or other ranged archery attacks.

Entropy Burst Attack
Cost: 5 motes; Mins: Archery 5, Essence 3, Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Mirror(Solar Flare Methodology), Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Splinter of the Void(Dream-Shattering Spite version)

In a terrible dark burst of necrotic energy the wyld is unmade. Those lesser fae within Essence * 5 yards of where it strikes burn away to nothing. Those greater take Essence dice of unsoakable damage. Equipment forged of dreams and Wyld energy is destroyed as well if the creator fails an Essence roll at a difficulty of the Deathknight's own Essence with a bonus number of dice equal to the degree of Wyld they are in. Bordermarches is 1 die while pure chaos is 4 dice.