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The tree is illustrated here. The file is ~280 KB

Flowing Water Assault

Cost: 3 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Supplemental
Dodge: 1
Essence: 1
Prerequisite Charms: None

Flavour: As this Charm is activated, the Solar gets a vision of his opponents most optimal paths of escape. Understanding which way his opponent will most likely move, Flowing Water Assault allows the Solar to bar all paths of escape with motes of Essence, causing his opponent to move quicker towards the Solars own weapon.

Mechanics: When making a hand-to-hand attack with any ability, you may activate Flowing Water Assault to add your [Dodge] dice to the attack. These count against the normal roof on dice added to any roll by Charms.

Flowing Water Assault may explicitly be put in a Combo with Charms from other Abilities.

Vengeful Riposte

Cost: 4 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Dodge: 2
Essence: 1
Prerequisite Charms: Flowing Water Assault

Flavour: The Essence of Dodge is usually in the nature of defense, but even the small gods of peace can be driven into anger. If pressed by a cunning opponent, a Solar can call upon these spirits to aid him, striking back in vengeance once for each attack made against him.

Mechanics: When attacked in hand-to-hand combat, you may activate Vengeful Riposte for an instant counterattack. This counterattack is at a number of dice equal to your normal dodge-pool.

This Charm is a counterattack. Thus, it cannot be activated in response to counterattacks, and counterattacks cannot be activated in response to this Charm.

Whirling Dervish Stance

Cost: 5 motes and 1 Willpower point
Duration: Scene
Type: Reflexive
Dodge: 4
Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: Vengeful Riposte

Flavour: When a Solar assumes the stance of a whirling dervish, his feet are guided by the Essence of Fire, moving in a blur faster than most eyes can follow. In this blur, the dervish can move into attack range and back out faster than mortal hands can strike. Through such superior mobility, the dervish is assured victory against most opponents.

Mechanics: Every hand-to-hand attack or dodge your character makes for the duration of this Charm is at an additional +[Dodge] dice. These count against the normal limit on dice added by Charms. Whirling Dervish Stance will not create an action from zero dice, but only boost other actions. Nor will it provide extra dice for actions created from zero by Charms like Reed in the Wind.

Casus Belli

Cost: 10 Motes, 1 willpower point and 1 aggravated Health Level
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Dodge: 4
Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Reflex Sidestep Technique, Whirling Dervish Stance

Flavour: Latin Casus, "occasion" + Belli, genetive of "War." Lit: "Reason for War."

Mechanics: Casus Belli can only be activated in response to surprise attacks. When activated, Casus Belli consumes your entire action for the turn, although you may activate Casus Belli against each attack if you are attacked more than once.

Once you activate Casus Belli, you must performs 4 actions in the following order

1) Casus Belli provides a counterattack against the person attacking you. If you are unarmed, Casus Belli does not provide you with any means to draw a weapon, but it may be comboed with such Charms as Summoning the Loyal Steel.

2) Casus Belli provides a counterattack against the person attacking you. This counterattack must be used as a disarming attempt. If you succesfully disarm your opponent, your opponent keeps his weapon until his own attack has been resolved. If the surprise attack was made in a fashion that cannot be disarmed, skip this step.

3) Casus Belli provides a dodge at your normal pool. This dodge can specifically be used against attacks that are undodgeable, such as Cascade of Cutting Terror.

4) Casus Belli moves you to any spot within twice your [Dex+Dodge] yards. You must be able to reach this spot with the means you already have. Thus, you cannot reach a treetop unless already capable of flying or climbing.

Casus Belli cannot be activated after your initiative. Counterattacks cannot be activated in response to the attacks provided by Casus Belli.

Effortless Redirection

Cost: 5 Motes
Duration: Scene
Type: Simple
Dodge: 3
Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: Flowing Water Assault.

Flavour: Calling upon the Essence of the relentless sea, the Solar moves among his opponents with supernatural grace. Each extended weapon is an opportunity, redirected to strike another or quickly struck back against where the arm is too far away to intercept the attack.

Mechanics: Each time you are attacked, after you have activated Effortless Redirection, you may make an attack at [Dodge+X] dice, where X is the number of successes that bypassed your dodge and parry rolls.

This attack may be made on any target within hand-to-hand range, and is considered a counterattack if you make it against the person whose initial attack activated Effortless Redirection.

Flowing Water Counterassault

Cost: Variable
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Dodge: 5
Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Casus Belli, Effortless Redirection

Flavour: Not written yet

Mechanics: Flowing Water Counterassault may be activated when any attack is made against you. It redirects the attack against any target within a range of twice your Permanent Essence in yards.

You must pay 1 mote for each success rolled on the attack, in addition to any other costs.

If the attack is perfect, you must pay 1 WP in addition to any other costs.

If the attack cannot be dodged, you must pay 1 aggravated HL in addition to any other costs.

If there are no targets within range that you want hit by the redirected attack, you must pay 1 aggravated HL in addition to any other costs. The attack is then redirected into the ground.

You may never Flowing Water Counterassault to direct any attack back against the attacker.

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The tree is illustrated here. The file is ~280 KB

Comments on Whirling Dervish Stance

SRNissen - not to be a nay sayer, but it seems that these charms are a bit under-requisited, with things like scene-long die adders at Ability 4 Ess 2? And those dice explicitly work with all hand-to-hand attacks (AKA Brawl, Melee, Martial Arts) as well as dodge? I'd be thinking a 5,3 charm for that, if then. The cross-ability thing is what I'm concerned about, really. - GregLink

Can't say I agree with you. Blade of the Battle Maiden is even more powerful (at a higher cost, though) for only 3,2. BotBM doesn't add to anything but Martial Arts, of course, but MA can both attack and defend. There's no ability specifically attached to attacking with dodge (weird huh >_>) and I feel it's rather arbitrary to say then "This Charm only works with Martial Arts" or "This Charm only works with Brawl." I could try "This Charm only works when Unarmed, though, but that doesn't really fit with the image in my mind. - SRNissen

I agree with GregLink. Consider that this Charm adds at least +4 dice to five Abilities (Dodge, Brawl, Martial Arts, Melee, and in some circumstances, Thrown). BotBM isn't really a relevant comparison - compare this more to, say, Air Dragon Form, which adds MA in dice to dodges and ranged attacks. That Charm costs five motes, but adds a great deal less than this does, and is a Martial Arts Form, which limits what weapon you can use and what other Charms you can use with it. As it is, I think the cost is okay, and while the breadth of effect is a matter of personal taste, I think this needs to be Essence 3 or Ability 5 or both. - David.