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Inspired by:

Glorious Feathered Bosoms</B>
 <B>Cost:  5 motes, 1 Willpower
 Duration:  One Scene
 Type:  Simple
 Minimum Appearance: 4
 Minimum Essence:  3
 Prerequisite Charms:  Flying Tiger Technique

The origins of this particular Charm are lost in time. It is certainly the production of a dedicated Lunar wife for her decadent Solar mate; it is too unusual for anything else. Oddly enough it can be used by both male and female forms to the same effect. This charm causes the Lunar’s bosoms to swell out measurably, but tastefully (or to grow in the first place) and beautiful wings to sprout from them. No matter how inappropriate, this will add +1 to the Lunar’s Appearance and grant her the ability to fly like a bird. Her speed in flight is based off her appearance, ranging from a minimum of half her Appearance + 12 yards per round to three times her Appearance +12 yards a round. Her maximum climbing rate can be no greater than three times her Appearance + Athletics in yards.

Flying characters may be attacked only by ranged attacks, by other flying or leaping characters, or on the initiative count when they attack someone on the ground. Keep in mind that any foe who rolled a higher initiative can delay his action and attack the character as she swoops by. People other than the character’s target who attempt to strike the Exalt as she swoops in for the attack do so at -3 dice (due to the Exalt’s speed) unless they are using long weapons such as spears or poleaxes. In such cases, the penalty is reduced to -1. The Exalt’s target can attack the Exalt normally and without penalty, but only during the initiative count in which he, the target, is attacked. Otherwise, he must use some sort of ranged attack. Out of combat, she moves at the following speeds:

||Appearance||Speed in MPH|| || 1 || 47 || || 2 || 53 || || 3 || 59|| || 4 || 64|| || 5 || 71|| || 6 || 77||


Anyone know how to make it into a table? - IsawaBrian

I do! Sixten
Much thanks. I'll remember that trick for future reference. :) -- IsawaBrian