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Iatic School, The

Based in Hollow, the Iatic School was conceived by Flawless Mirror and several other prominent Solars as a meeting place for the greatest scholars and savants of the First Age. From all across Creation came wisemen and sages to share their wisdom and learn with their peers and superiors. All agreed to leave behind religious and political differences when entering the Iatic Campus and by Solar Sorcery and Godly edict violence was barred from the Campus for all time. Even today violence can not occur within, though the Iatic School is within the Nexus Wyldzone and has been for centuries.

While it was still a thriving school, many great discoveries were made on its grounds. It was the Iatic Scholars who discovered the Erudian Circle and the Kundalini Gates. Early research here also yielded the Doctrine of Harmonic Binding to Amirrutzes.

Several scholarly orders maintained permanent embassies in the School, including the Itinerants of the World Mother (a group of Infernal Druids dedicated to Cytherea), the Sean'Kaar (warrior-librarians assigned to protect the great centers of lore in the world) and the Keepers of Autochthon (worshippers of the Primordial of the Forge). All of these groups were eventually wiped out, their contributions to the Iatic School and a few other libraries becoming their only legacy known to modern scholars.

The Iatic School survived the Usurpation and lasted for nearly a century into the Terrestrial Shogunate. During the Just and Glorious Purge, a wave of destruction that encompassed hundreds of monuments and millions of texts related to the Anathema, the Iatic School alone survived. Now it is lost within the Nexus Wyldzone, a treasure trove just beyond reach.

- Telgar, Sidereal Historian. Chosen of Saturn.

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The entry contradicts itself; the first paragraph says that violence is still impossible within the school grounds, while the last paragraph says that the protections on the school were undone. Also, I'm curious about what happened to the healer angle, the only thing defined about the school in the source entry (though of course scrapping that angle is perfectly legitimate). It was supposed to be the Iatric School, as 'iatric' means 'relating to medicine', but I misspelled.  :) - Quendalon

Ya know, that's what I get for taking a 20 minute break during an entry...I like the first idea better. I have changed the final paragraph. I might go back and rework the medicinal angle in later. I didnt know that it was intended to be medicinal only. Nor did I know what Iatric ment, even if it was spelled right :) - Telgar

No worries, I never specified that, and anything that's not nailed down is fair game. :) - Quendalon