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From what fragmentary depictions and tales remain, it is certain that a typical Erandyne was a roughly humanoid fox, covered in fur ranging from fire-orange to platinum. The males stood four to five feet tall, the females slightly smaller.

The creation of the Erandyne is described in the writings of Viridian Lotus, a Dragon-Blooded scholar of the late First Age. Thought to be the first Beastmen ever sired, this tribe lived in the easternmost reaches of River Province, by the borders of the Far East. The Lunar parent suffered severe censure from the Council of Magical Constructs, as she was unsure how she had created her first progeny. Further trials and extensive research, working with Emerald Dragons and Descending Suns, led to understanding of the processes involved. The mechanics of the breeding of Beastmen were catalogued for the first time in the Codex of the Wyld.

The Erandyne apparently numbered in the thousands, populating several villages and sharing a moderate-sized city with humans who may have later migrated to the site now known as Farhold. The only certainty in regards to the location of the Erandyne lands is that they were swallowed by the Wyld during the Contagion. Since then no Erandyne have been sighted, though some adventurous souls venturing into the Wyld report having seen foxlike creatures in some of the more stable regions. These "Fair Foxes" are undoubtably a creation or strain of the Fair Folk, but they bear uncanny resemblance to the Erandyne.

- Telgar, Sidereal Historian. Chosen of Saturn.

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