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Kuiper's User page

Um... Hi. I'm a new Wikizen here, Kuiper. Obviously... >.< I use elipses and typed-emotes a lot. ^^;
Anyway, I have a tendency to make a lot of "fan"-things. Like in most fandoms, I make fancharacters. In a few others, I make fan races. In Exalted, I make NoncanonExalted types. This tendency is actually more like "I have too many ideas, got to type them down and then never put them on the internet!" So.... yeah. I've saved a few of these from the scrap bin, so if you guys want me to put up what I have for any of them (Other than my Somnial Exalted, who are coming up soon), I will. Umm.. Comments below!

Kuiper's Stuff

Somnial Exalted - Basically, Necrotech Alchemicals. I've barely had any work on these, but I'm hoping they're liked when they get more stuff added to them.