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The Distribution of the Exalted Shards Across Creation And Other Realms

by Han'ya

Just a thought exercise. A work in progress.

Assume everything here is non-canon.

If I ripped off one of your names, I apologize.


300 Lunar Shards

  • 230 Silver Pact members
    • 10 First Age elders
      • 2 sleepers
    • 20 Shogunate elders
      • 4 sleepers
    • 193 rank'n'file Lunars
  • 34 Casteless
    • 7 members of the Cult of Razik
    • 7 lapdogs of the Cult of the Illuminated
    • 18 yet-to-be-found newbies
  • 16 Lunar shards in a "holding pattern" (exterminated in a very short span or hunting for hosts)
  • 22 Chimerae
    • 4 shards too deep in the Wyld to return to Creation (fate of bearers unknown)
    • 7 Elder Chimerae (800 years old or older)
    • 11 unlucky shmucks


100 Abyssal Shards
7 Corrupted Solar Shards

  • 13 under First And Forsaken Lion
    • Dusk: Walking On Laughter
    • Midnight: Ruin Of All Things Good
    • Daybreak: Seven Centuries Of Blight
    • Day: Meticulous Owl
    • Moonshadow: Shatterer Of The Way
    • Dusk: King Of Desecration Robed In Blood
    • Midnight: Prince Whose Steps Shatter Glass
    • Daybreak: Princess Whose Rage Blackens The Skies
    • Day: Jackal In The Ashes
    • Moonshadow: Queen Of Shadows In Sanguine Finery
    • Dusk: Brute Who Breaks Nations On His Knee
    • Midnight: Somber President of the Nation Of Crematoriums
    • Day: Quiet Flight
  • 1 under Princess Magnificent With Lips Of Coral And Robes Of Black Feathers
  • 17 under Mask Of Winters
    • Dusk: Twister Of The Hundred Hateful Arms
    • Midnight: Prince Resplendent In Ruin Of Ages (Crumbling Pillar)
    • Daybreak: Dweller In The Iron Belltower
    • Day: Wink Of The Storm's Eye (Typhon)
    • Moonshadow: Abbot Of Hunger And Dust
    • Dusk: He Who Stares At The Floor
    • Midnight: Apostate In Tatters
    • Daybreak: Widow Of The Dragon Of Four Seasons
    • Day: Disciple Of The Seven Forbidden Wisdoms
    • Moonshadow: Mistress Of Pacts Sealed In Blood
    • Dusk: Destroyer Resplendent In Black and Gold
    • Midnight: Juggernaut Gilded In Chains Of Spirit
    • Daybreak: Loss Of Everything Known
    • Day: Sorrowful Carnation Singing Entropy's Praises (Renegade)
    • Moonshadow: Freedom Through Restraint (Renegade)
    • Daybreak: Keeper Of Madness' Keys (Corrupted)
    • Day: Shredder Of Aspirations (Corrupted)
  • 12 under Walker In Darkness
    • Dusk: Shards Of Basalt
    • Midnight: Alabaster Chimes In The Shadowed Cathedral
    • Daybreak: Defiler Of The Radiant Dream
    • Day: Came On His Own And Left On His Own And Went Home And Cried And Wanted To Die
    • Moonshadow: Visitor In The Hall Of Obsidian Mirrors (White Bone Sinner)
    • Dusk: Slayer Of The Lone Survivor
    • Midnight: One Hundred Dead Worlds
    • Daybreak: Flaming Head Of The Monkey
    • Day: Bard Of Unwelcomed Mornings
    • Moonshadow: Light In Mourning Colors
    • Midnight: Avenger Of Births (Dessicant Of Wombs)
    • Moonshadow: Opener Of Gates From Within (Corrupted)
  • 10 under the Bishop Of The Chalcedony Thurible
    • Dusk: Maiden Of The Mirthless Smile
    • Midnight: Armoured In Contempt
    • Daybreak: Celebrant Of Blood
    • Day: Seal On The Hateful Warrant
    • Moonshadow: Harbinger Of The Ghost-Cold Wind (White Walker Of The North)
    • Midnight: Saint Of Impermanence
    • Midnight: Worm Grown Fat On Corpsemeat
    • Daybreak: Avatar Of Doom
    • Day: Wrath Of The Forgotten
    • Moonshadow: Calligrapher Whose Brush Is Dipped In Blood
  • 5 under the Dowager Of The Irreverent Vulgate In Unrent Veils
    • Dusk: Shoat Of The Mire
    • 4 undeployed shards, one from each of the remaining castes
  • 16 under the Lover Clad In Raiment Of Tears
    • Dusk: Prince Of Shadows
    • Midnight: Martyr To The Last Rest
    • Daybreak: Bloodflower Princess
    • Day: Melkin Fool In Red
    • Moonshadow: Darkness Beneath Stormclouds
    • Dusk: Omnilateral Hatred
    • Midnight: Harbinger of Senescence
    • Daybreak: Befouler Of Sweet Waters
    • Day: Coffin Spider
    • Moonshadow: Sweet Failure To Endure
    • Daybreak: Death Becomes Thine Enemies
    • Day: Drinks In Innumerable Sorrows
    • Moonshadow: Idolater Of Entrails
    • Dusk: Rime-Furred Bruin (Corrupted)
    • Midnight: Unyielding Self-Mutilator (Corrupted)
    • Midnight: Fairest And Fallen (Corrupted)
  • 6 under the Bodhisattva Anointed By Dark Water
    • Dusk: Ebon Siaka
    • Midnight: Admirable Silence
    • Daybreak: Bedlamite Treading A Razor's Edg
    • Day: Night Comes From His Sepulchre
    • Moonshadow: Princeling Of The Murky Depths And Their Treasures
    • Dusk: Fallen Wolf Of The Cutting Sea (Corrupted & Semi-Renegade)
  • 4 under Eye And Seven Despairs
    • Dusk: Red Famine
    • Midnight: Choir Master Of The Midnight Mass
    • Daybreak: Spinster With Raven-Black Tresses
    • Day: Scars Of Uproar
  • 6 under the Perfidous Lord Of Dissembling And Malcontent
    • Dusk: Song That Ends
    • Midnight: Prophet With Fingers Bloodied By One Thousand Paper Cranes (Renegade)
    • Daybreak: Rock Of Cursed Continuance
    • Day: Nightmare From Which There Is No Waking
    • Moonshadow: Sapper Of The Adamant Bulwark
    • Day: Sanguine-Scaled Crocodile
  • 5 under the Empress Of Broken Hearts In Her Palace Beneath The Waterfall Of Tears
    • Dusk: Unquiet Opener Of Skeleton-Filled Closets
    • Midnight: Mourner In Maudlin Finery
    • Daybreak: Grim Harbinger On Rusted Wings
    • Day: Ravager Of Empires
    • Moonshadow: Highway Paved With Bones
  • 5 under the King Beneath The Mountain
    • Dusk: Disinherited Grandson Of The Infinite Light
    • Midnight: Whore Of Necrosis
    • Daybreak: Asp=Tongued Magister
    • Day: Tiger Born Of Shadows
    • Moonshadow: She Who Walks Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
  • 6 under Angry Dreams Of Vengeance In The Waking Hour
    • Dusk: Lotus-Eater of 10,000 Sanguine Sutras
    • Midnight: She Who Rejects
    • Daybreak: Boy With A Name Of Seven Words
    • Day: Dancer In Infinite Shadow
    • Moonshadow: Seven Degreed Surgeon Of Black Maladies
  • Moonshadow: Weeping Raiton Cast Aside (Monstrance held by the Neverborn)


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