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Campaign Info

When I run an Exalted game, I tend to stick very close to canon. This means that with the exception of the house rules above, don't expect me to divert too much from the established setting/rules before the game starts. I'm also kinda strict on charm creation, but I do allow it. I'm a bit more lenient with spell creation because of the amount of effort involved and the scope of sorcery/necromancy in general. My games lately tend to focus around a single region (sometimes 2).

Ruins of Rathess: A game focusing on Rathess & The Dragon Kings. PCs include 3 former Solars (one a ghost, and 2 infernal), 1 Lunar, & 1 Sidereal. This game is about to reach it's end (about 10 days left IC).

Nexus City: A game focusing primarily on Nexus and the surrounding areas. This game has yet to be started, as it will replace the Rathess game as my primary campaign. Current PCs are 1 Solar, & 1 Sidereal.

Children of the Machine God: A small campaign based around Autochthon. Allowable Characters are Mountain Folk, their Fae-Blooded, & Alchemical Exalted.