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Level 2

Moonfrog's Tongue

A slight variation on a typical Moonsilver Direlash, the Moonfrog's Tongue is in a constant state of melting and reforming. The Moonsilver used in its construction was never fully cooled and formed, so the Tongue is more fluid then most Artifacts of Moonsilver. When used in combat, the Tongue can wrap around an enemy and grasp them in its sticky, fluid coils. The Tongue allows its owner to make Clinch attacks at a range of up to 10 yards and to use his Melee ability with the Clinch in place of Martial Arts or Brawl if he so wishes. Clinches made with the Tongue use the Tongue's stats rather then those for a normal Clinch with the exception of Rate, which is always 1 for a Clinch attack.
Moonfrog's Tongue : Damage +4L | Accuracy +2 | Defense +2 | Speed 7 | Rate 3 | Committment 5

Passion's Eye

The key to many successful social encounters, a Passion's Eye takes the form of a Red Jade tattoo on the forehead of an Exalted. Though the details may vary, the tattoo must take the form of an open eye in the center of the owner's forehead. Once placed upon the brow, the tattoo opens the eyes to a range of perceptions beyond mere vision. With a Passion's Eye upon one's brow it is possible to determine the current emotional state of a person in your line of vision. With a Perception + Socialize roll, difficulty of the target's Manipulation, signs become obvious to the user of the Eye. Only strong emotions can be read in this way and emotions are most emphatically not thoughts. Passion's Eye does not make its owner a mind-reader.
The Eye must either have 3 motes committed to it at all times or be set with a Hearthstone. Hearthstones set into the tattoo sink into the skin and bond with the skull, leaving only a small portion of their mass visible. A Hearthstone can be inserted if motes are commited or not, but if the mote price is not paid, the Hearthstone does not provide any Essence Regeneration as its power is diverted to power the Eye.
If neither motes nor a Hearthstone are provided, the Eye will turn black and become dormant until such time as either the motes are commited or a Hearthstone inserted.

Strongback Sigil

A common enough practice amongst the Lunar Exalted, magical tattoos are often used around Creation to enhance attributes or for any number of other purposes. The Strongback Sigil is created by tattooing the skin of the torso with ink made with White and Green Jade powder. The design is, overall, unimportant though there are tiny repeating patterns incorporated into whatever image is chosen. Those patterns create the magic that strengthens the skin of the recipient of the Sigil.
Characters marked with the Strongback Sigil add 5B/5L to their natural soak score. The Sigil doesn't require any commitment of Essence, instead it draws its power by tapping into the constant flow of Essence into those who have access to their mote pools. Having a Strongback Sigil reduces the rate of Essence regeneration by 2 per hour. It is possible to commit Essence to a Sigil to remove the regeneration drain, doing so requires 4 motes. A Sigil never counts as armor.
There are more powerful versions of the Strongback Sigil at level 3 which offer twice as much soak, but require an additional mote of committment or increase the regeneration penalty by 1.
Strongback Sigil : Soak (5/5) | Committment 4 motes or 2 mote per hour regeneration penalty

Wandering Isle

An artificial island that moves according to it's owners whims. Also requires Manse 2 to purchase.

Mirror of Desires

A Mirror of Desires can be made in any size and they are virtually impossible to tell apart from normal mirrors except for the faint streaks of Black Jade used in the silvering of their Glass and the fillaments of Starmetal in their frames. When not in use a Mirror of Desires acts as a normal mirror but at any time its owner may specify a single thing such as Solar Exalted, ghosts, fae or oak trees. When such a thing is specified, the Mirror reflects only that specific sort of thing until its owner commands it to return to its inert state. Mirrors of Desire can not pierce magical concealment, but they can show immaterial beings.
A Mirror of Desires can only be told to reflect things that exist, not subjective qualities or ideals. It can not, for example, reflect treacherous men or wise sages or lucky clovers.
It costs 3 motes to attune a mirror of desires.

Sepulchral Reliquary

Ranging in size from a tiny vial as big as a man's finger joint to huge and elaborate vases larger then a human a Sepulchral Reliquary can have nearly any form. Their sole requirement is that they be a form of vessel able to contain physical matter. They are always forged from Soulsteel, though some include Black or Green Jade. In and of itself, a Sepulchral Reliquary is worthless except as a container for whatever goods will fit inside it. Only when it contains some fragment of a deceased Essence-user does the Reliquary show its magical powers.
The owner of a Sepulchral Reliquary can gather the motes drawn to the fragment and make use of them for himself. Every day the Reliquary gathers 1 mote for every dot of Permanent Essence the body part's owner had at the time of death. These motes may be freely expended by the owner of the Reliquary. The Reliquary traps the motes gathered by its contents, storing them within the body part. The maximum capacity of a Reliquary is equal to the number of motes it gathers in a day.

Flow Map

The Flow Map is a disc of Green Jade marked off into two circles of eight equal segments, ringed by a third circle of Starmetal. The Jade circles will manifest a glowing dot whenever Essence is burned within 200 yards of the Map. Each of the Jade circles represents 100 yards. The glowing dot increases in brightness as the amount of Essence burned increases. The direction the map is 'facing,' determined by the user, is marked by a glowing gold arrow. The Starmetal ring is used to truly separate the Flow Map from the Essence Compass, marked off with distance in yards, an Orichalcum pointer will move around the circle to indicate how far away the Essence use was. The Flow Map commits for 3 motes.

Band of Prowess

Designed to boost the power of mortals, this Artifact must be set with a Hearthstone to function. The wearer gains a number of dots in a single Physical Attribute equal to the level of the Hearthstone used to power the Band. This bonus can raise Attributes above 5. Mortals wearing this Artifact can perform stunts and count 10's twice. An Exalted character can commit 3 motes of Essence to gain the same effect as a level 1 Hearthstone.

Recording Rod, Moonsilver Artifact

While at rest, Recording Rods are simply 3 inch long tubes of unadorned Moonsilver. They can be activated with the expenditure of a mote of Essence or a point of Willpower. This point is commited for as long as the recording is stored. Rods are able to make a perfectly accurate recording of everything with 50 yards, which they can display by unrolling into a large sheet with images printed upon it. These images can be zoomed in, zoomed out, highlighted, and have notes made upon them. A Rod can hold only one recording at a time.

Blessed Hero Armor

This armor was fairly common method in the First Age for Exalted to increase the power of their mortal servitors. A mortal wearing this armor has his Essence increased to 2 for the purposes of all effects targeting him, can perform stunts and counts 10's as two successes as an Exalt does. These suits are made of mundane materials and, thus, never confer a Magical Material benefit.
Blessed Hero Armor : Soak (6/8) | Fatigue 0 | Mobility -0 | Committment 0 motes

Azure Plate

Used by aquatic Lunars and Water-aspected Terrestrials, Azure Plate gets its name not from the Black Jade it is forged with, but from the enviroment in which it is used. The ocean depths become warm and comforting to anyone in Azure Plate, offering no penalties to actions in any form.
Azure Plate : Soak (6/7) | Fatigue 0 | Mobility -1 | Committment 4 motes

Beholder's Eye, Orichalcum Artifact

A work of art as much as a weapon, the Beholder's Eye was crafted from the finest of Eastern woods. Patterns of light and dark wood create intricate swirls and almost-words along the body of the bow. Orichalcum insets mark out the hand grip, tips and the Hearthstone socket. The Beholder's Eye was named for the more potent of its two powers, the ability to inbue arrows fired from it with mesmerizing magic that reduces all dodge or parry pools by the archer's Appearance rating. In addition, the Eye can transform any arrow into any other mundane arrow to provide the archer with as much flexibility as possible. The Eye commits for 4 motes and holds a single Hearthstone. It uses normal statistics for a Short Powerbow.

Blueblade, Black Jade Artifact

An heirloom of one of the Outcaste families, handed down since the original exile from the Dynasty, the Blueblade has served four generations of Dragon-Blooded well. Fast and lethal, the blade has a secret power that none has lived to tell of. A strike from Blueblade transforms the victim’s blood into water, doubling wound penalties and increasing damage by 1L after soak. The effects of the Charm Dragon-Graced Weapon upon this blade, when using the Water-aspected Grace, are doubled. It was, however, cursed by the same sorcerer who cast out the family. Anyone holding the blade in battle suffers that curse, that they are mighty as a tidal wave, but their courage weak as water. All Valor rolls are at +1 difficulty. The Blueblade uses normal Daiklave stats.

Light Trap

A fairly innocent appearing device, the Light Trap takes the form of a small geometrical solid the size of a woman's fist. Black Jade mixed with Green forms the core of the Light Trap while Orichalcum outlines the faces of the solid. These lines of gold flicker and glow as the Light Trap performs its function: gathering wasted Essence. The anima flares of the Exalted and the raw displays of sorcery can easily be tapped for power, if one employs the right tools. For those not gifted by Fire or the Descending Sun, Light Traps are an obvious answer. For every turn of exposure to a single source of raw Essence such as an Anima Flare that displays the banner or the shaping of a Spell, the Trap absorbs 1 mote for each such source. Once a trap has absorbed 15 motes, it is full. After that its motes can be accessed and spent by any Essence-weilder who touches the Trap. Once depleted, the Trap requires a full day to recover enough to be used again.

Unforeseen Advantage

These bracelets can be made in almost any form or style imaginable, though they are universally heavy and thick. Constructed from any of the Five Magical Materials, they are utterly innert and powerless the majority of the time, not even requiring the Essence-flow that maintains other Artifacts. Specially etched with grooves that make them extremely receptive to Essence, the Advantages can be attuned instantly and reflexivly.
Once 4 motes have been committed to them, they melt and flow up the wearer's arm, searching for an improvised weapon. When they have located such an armarment, the Magical Material encapsulates the weapon and fortifies it. Any improvised weapon enhanced by an Unforeseen Advantage gains 7 points to be distributed among its combat stats. No more then 3 points can be added to any single stat, but otherwise the wearer can choose as he wishes how to improve his weapon. These added stats remain fixed until the Bracelet is de-attuned (also an instant and reflexive process).
While able to adapt themselves to any improvised weapon, the Essence-patterns inherant in any enchanted or magical weapon will resist those native to an Unforeseen Advantage, preventing them from enchaning other Artifact weapons. An Unforeseen Advantage is perfectly able to add on to a mundane combat weapon as easily as improvised weapons. Some Exalted prefer such weapons, especially those of high craftsmanship.

Moon's Wind

Built from the remains of a Primordial War weapon, the Singing Hammer Staff, Moon's Wind was a failure. It had no where near the power of the original weapon and was considered a great stain on the reputation of the the smith who forged it. The forked blade was passed along to various younger Exalted during the First Age and it became traditional to give it to the newest incarnation of one of six close friends.
The Moon's Wind vibrates in combat, singing a deep and painful song to its enemies. These terrible sounds make it much more difficult to move away from the sword as it inspires fear and shock in its victims. The difficulty of all Dodge attempts against Moon's Wind are at +3 difficulty.
When the song of Moon's Wind can be heard clearly, it strikes most deeply. In silent conditions, the blade gains +2 damage. Low levels of noise reduce the bonus to +1 and anything more negates the bonus.
Should the bearer of Moon's Wind wish, the song can reach across a battlefield and strike down foes from afar. Anyone able to hear the blade singing can be made the target of a ranged attack using the blade's normal pools.
Moon's Wind has the same stats as a normal Moonsilver Daiklave.

Gaian Eye

Inspired by the thousands of incredible occular organs created and designed by Gaia, mother of Life, the Gaian Eye was designed to incorporate as many of these features as possible while retaining nearly-normal use for a human. In order to implant a Gaian Eye, a normal eye must first be removed. Having two Gaian Eyes has no additonal benefit.
Gaian Eyes are able to focus on objects of a remarkable range of size and have effective telescopic and microscopic vision up to a factor of 10. They can also "zoom in" or "zoom out" by a factor of 5. A few additions were made to the Gaian Eyes that are not part of nature; the ability to repeat scenes up to 10 seconds in length at any speed desired is the most notable. Some Gaian Eyes incorporated other abilities like the extended vision of the honey bee or the nocturnal vision of a marmaset. However, such versions are significantly rarer and more advanced.
A typical Gaian Eye costs 4 motes to attune and must be attuned at all times when present in the occular cavity. It can be removed and replaced with a simple action at any time. The net effect of the Gaian Eye's basic powers is to add 2 automatic successes to all vision-related rolls.

Spying Eye

Favored by spies and those with bad luck regarding sharp objects and their faces the Spying Eye is a small sphere of Starmetal, Red Jade and glass. It looks reasonably like a normal human eye when inserted into a vacant eye socket though it has an opaque grey pupil and a solid red iris. When in place the Spying Eye allows its owner to see through solid objects up to 5 inches thick at will. The Eye can see perfectly well through its owner's body, giving him 360 degrees of vision and adding 2 dice to all attempts to detect ambush. Due to a trick in the Starmetal enchantments of the Eye creatures outside of Fate will not be visible in the view field of the Spying Eye though if the owner has any other sort of eyes avalible, they will see the beings normally. Spying Eyes do not require any commitment, but they do replace an organic eye forever.

Valor's Fist

A boon to brave warriors everywhere, Valor's Fist is a simple bracer of Red Jade and black steel that binds the strength of it's owner's courage into his muscles. Any character with a Valor greater then 2 adds 1 to his Strength while attuned to the Fist. Anyone attuned to the Fist adds 4 dice to accuracy and 2 to damage when channeling Valor to aid in an attack. The Fist requires a 4 mote attunement and has a Hearthstone socket.

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