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Shed Flawed Skin This Charm effectively replaces the Ideal Form one. It is based on Appearance, requiring a minimum of 2.

This charm allows a Lunar to slough off imperfections, either by minor re-adjustment or completely re-growing the affected spot. Knowledge of this Charm allows the Lunar to regenerate any lost body part smaller than a full arm or leg, assume any Appearance value lower than her actual score, or change any single physical trait per activation. The change takes (5 - Essence), minimum 0 (in which case it is considered a Reflexive Charm), turns to complete, during which the Lunar may activate this Charm again if desired but cannot take any other dice actions except dodging. This Charm does not allow the Lunar to increase her Physical Attributes or Appearance without paying the experience cost, but does reduce the training time for these by half. With a successful Apperance + Performance roll (difficulty of twice the target's Essence), the Lunar may take the shape of a particular example of her current species she is familiar with (using one activation of the charm per notable difference between her and her target), but such a disguise may be seen through with an opposed Perception + Awareness roll against her Essence by someone familiar with her subject. Changing Moons may use this power to 'reinforce' their anima ability, as the visual aspect of their illusion cannot usually be seen through without the use of Charms- in this case, the difficulty of the opposed Perception + Awareness roll is doubled for characters who cannot pierce the illusion. Note that, as this power does not increase Apperance, non-Changing Moons who use it will appear flawed if they emulate a being of higher Appearance than themselves. Additionally, this charm does not permit a character to change gender.

Using this Charm while already injured incurs a level of unsoakable bashing damage, and any regenerative effects are non-functional until the character heals all damage levels.

Uses of this Charm by low-Essence characters should be portrayed as grotesque, even macabre, with skin peeling back, bone bursting through tissue, and the like.

I intend to 'clean up' and clarify/focus the text of this Charm, possibly splitting some of its effects off onto another. Suggestions welcome.

I have cleaned up your text, simplified the rules and kept essentially what I find to be the spirit of your outline. - Telgar

The power of Luna makes the bodies of her favored children easily malleable to their iron wills. Using this Charm the Lunar may, if suffering from no health levels of damage, regenerate small body parts such as fingers or eyes. This same regeneration allows the character to manipulate the surface of his body by altering and accelerating its growth. This command allows for cosmetic changes in appearance to be made and for the character to alter his Appearance rating to any level between 0 and his unmodified score at will.

With skillful manipulation of the flesh and an Appearance + Performance roll (difficulty based on the uniqueness of the target’s appearance) the Lunar can make himself appear as a specific member of the species and gender he currently wears the skin of. This disguise is not particularly effective, adding only successes in difficulty to see through and counts entirely as mundane. Only when combined with the Changing Moon Anima does the illusion become complete, vulnerable only to magic.

Much better. Thank you. - Arafelis