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This is Zhirem's page of all his works so far. Sadly, there isn't much yet.


Yanus was an average servant for a Patrician family of House Cynis for all of his formitive years. During his times growing up tending to the wild parties and excesses of the Cynis, Yanus was exposed to every form of corruption and impropriety possible to the decadent Dragon-Blooded. From the years of his moral degradation Yanus carried within himself the burning desire to revolutionize the world, to change it into a vision of the stories he heard as a child about the glorious Shogunate and the First Age, when all was righteous in Creation. Being a Sidereal child, he frequently had amazing insight into his "employers" designs and wants and he thus developed an uncanny knack for deducing what would make him just undesirable enough to warrant being looked over at the orgies. All this changed with Exaltation. Immediately after his Second Breath, Yanus looked at all the possibilities open to him in Creation, and he chose his path. He had the power, he would now right Creation.

Yanus's goals are quite simple, stemming from his idealized sense of right and wrong coming from his poor upbringing. Being only 16 he is still naive enough to believe that he knows what's best for Creation and that he is absolutely right and just in his "moral duty." He seeks to abuse his power to kill every wrongdoer in the Realm, starting with the most heinous and working his way down until everyone understands that the Heavens are looking at that such behaviour is not tolerated. He views moral decay as the cause as of Creation's backsliding from the First Age, and is using his Astrology to great effect in cutting away the chaff. He wants everyone to follow the Immaculate Order and thus create a Utopia.

Yanus is a somewhat scrawny and lanky lad of sixteen years with a long sharpish nose, lipless mouth, and large wide eyes of a peculiar blue? no alizarin colour. He has a tendency to keep his head down, dresses mostly in robes, and speaks in a quiet voice. His only truly remarkable feature is his hair, which is roughly shoulder length and horridly unkempt, but of a pleasing reddish purple hue. He seldom if ever blinks.


Nature: Visionary Caste: Endings

  • Attributes

Strength: 00 Charisma: 00 Perception: 0000 Dexterity: 0000 Manipulation: 000 Intelligence: 0000 Stamina: 000 Appearance: 00 Wits: 000

  • Abilities

Survival: 0 `Craft: Fate 000 Dodge: 000 `Linguistics: 000 (Old Realm, High Realm, Icetongue) Socialize: 000 Melee: 00 `Investigation: 000 Lore: 000 `Occult: 000 Stealth: 000 Athletics: 00 Awareness: 000 Bureaucracy: 000 Martial Arts: 000 Performance: 00

  • Backgrounds

Celestial Manse: 00

    Yanus's Pagoda of the Ephemeral is located on the further reaches of Yu-Shan on one of the least used Canals
    in an area located to the Northeast of the Jade Pleasure Dome in an area all but deserted. It is simple in
    design and features four entrances, one for each Maiden leading to its center, a room of prayer dedicated to
    Saturn, symbolizing that for all things, Journeys, Serenity, Battles, Secrets, an End.
    The actual Hearthstone room is hiden underneath the Pagoda in Yanus's sanctum sanctorum, and produces a Gem of
    Omens. [[[Bo3C]]] 

Salary: 00

    Spent his previous Salary 000 in making Connections. 

Sifu: 0

    Young Master Liao, the angry fellow stuck with this not so good pupil, berrating the misuse of his skills as a
    Sifu for having such a poor student. Knows VBoS and Soul Fire Shaper Form of Prismatic Arrangement of Creation. 

Backing: 000

    Deep Throat

Connections: 00

    Bureau of Seasons - Nasri, General of the Aerial Legion enjoys my fine vintage tea every once in awhile.
    Bureau of Heaven - Lytek, the Right Hand of Power comes for a visit every once in awhile...and touches me.  Ew.

Artifact: 00

    The reaper daiklaive [Outcaste and Players'] held by his previous incarnation, the daiklaive Clarity of Purpose
    was forged from the criminal God of Reason Sophilus, who was executed after the Great Contagion, as obviously
    he had failed in his duties most grievously. 
  • Disadvantages

Throwback (-4) Conniver

  • Colleges

The Sword: 0 The Treasure Trove: 0 The Crow: 0 The Key: 0 The Corpse: 0 The Haywain: 0 The Rising Smoke: 0

  • Charms


    Terrestrial Circle Sorcery 
    Emerald Circle Banishment (Spell from Savant and Sorcerer for banishing 1rst Circle Demons) 


    Stern Essence Replenishment (Socialize Charm) 


    Impeding the Flow (Melee parrying Charm) 


    Auspicious Prospects for Endings (Charm for knowing what to do) 
    Marvelous Inclusion of Details (Auto success) 
    Efficient Secretary Technique (Spider finds out anything known in Heaven) 


    Systematic Understanding of Everything (Give Speciality Charm) 
    Of the Shape of the World (Reducer for Astrology) 


    Underling Invisibility Practice ("Superiors" don't see me) 

Martial Arts

    Secrets of Future Strife 
    Blade of the Battle Maiden 

Willpower: 8 Compassion: 0 Conviction: 00000 Temperance: 000 Valor: 00

Essence: 000 Personal: 14 Peripheral: 37 Committed: 9

Soak [Bashing: 3 Lethal: 1 Aggravated: 0]

7 Standard Health Levels

With Reaper Daiklaive: +19 init first round, 12 regularly 11 dice strike 8L 8 dice parry

  • Experience: 0

Paradox: 00

Resplendent Destinies: Coltaine, Tepet widower - 20 yrs, 7 Resplendent remaining.

Shataina, as soon as I figure out how, I'll gladly indulge you.