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This is a basic campaign summary, which I intend on slowly fleshing out as time goes on.

It's designed for a circle of First Age Dragon-Bloods.


On the Eastern frontier, a major project is being built under the Solar Deliberative's orders. Five level five Solar-aspected demesnes have been shaped out in the Wyld, brought together, and capped under one gigantic unified flying war-manse; designed not only to be the biggest geomantic structure (after the Imperial Manse) to date, but also to be mobile - capable of dragging its demesnes with it. The manse is designed to act as a major stabilising defense as Creation expands further into the Wyld; and if successful, to be the first of four projects, each aimed in the four cardinal directions.

However, an Eclipse who is a member of the project wants the citadel for himself; with it he could potentially carve out his own empire. He bribes and threatens a circle of Dragon-Bloods (also technicians on the massive project) into removing the ethical restraints from the manse-complex's guiding sentient intelligence - the Sagacious Heliotrope of Desirable Algorithmic Nascence. Having completed this task, he is good to his word and performs the experimental biomagitech procedures he offered them as bribery.

The players wake up from their surgery-induced coma three months later to find that none of the city's windows look out on Creation. In fact, they look out on the roiling blackness of the Pure Chaos. The corridors are littered with rubble and corpses. And for some reason, the medical bays seem to be producing necrotech monstrosities.

However, the communications network still works. And someone is trying to contact them...


This is intended to be more like a dungeon than a standard Exalted game normally is - it's basically a survival game. However it will have an overarching plotline and mysteries to solve. Exalted's standard social-fu may be replaced (thematically, not mechanically) with a bit of program-fu, but it ought to wind out being enthralling nonetheless.

Basically, the Sagacious Heliotrope of Desirable Algorithmic Nascence has several concurrent goals which the players will have to thwart as they fight to regain control of the facility.

Also, I really want to map out the entire city complex.


This looks pretty neat, and I look forwards to seeing more; survival-horror is something that can be tricky to do in Exalted, so I'm always interested in seeing a properly fleshed-out idea for it. :) - FrivYeti

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm trying to figure out how to make it more than a big place full of traps - various factions with their own goals, and surprise plot twists are important to make it interesting. If you've got anything you think is worth playing around with, please feel free to suggest things. ;) - Zahaqiel

Le sigh... Seems I have three weeks to wait on my copy of Dreams. I was wondering if some kind soul could give me a brief rundown of the new manse alignments in DotFA, and some info on the new biotech rules? Chances are I'm gonna have to integrate biomotonic replicants. - Zahaqiel