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A Bit Slapdash

I am probably going to use this as a place to store stuff from various Exalted games I've run/played.

If I can find the material I'll post all my old Exalted: First Age stuff, which bent the setting until it broke, vivisected it, put it on a cookie sheet and tossed it in the oven. It is explicitly non-canonical and was based pretty much entirely on the core book, the Storyteller's Guide, and Alchemical playtest stuff from Time of Tumult, so it will not match up with anything that came out after that point. However, it was Final Fantasy VII-riffic.

The other game is my more recent Iron Petal Shogunate game. I ran a game for people who'd never played Exalted before and as always was impressed with how quickly they picked up on the themes and their individual capabilities. It's a pretty vanilla game based heavily around The Lion in Winter, a very cool movie that showcases some of the more bizarre family relationships you can get amongst people in power.

Also, you should totally pick up Jade Empire if you have an X-Box. Excellent inspiration for Exalted and great music.

Random Thoughts

(Wherein I expostulate about things Exalted)