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Welcome one and all to a glorious campaign, of which I am the Storyteller! Although I'll be the first to admit it isn't anywhere near done, I'll be updating it as we go along.

The story I'm going to be putting up will be structured in "chapters," each of which focuses on an area or story arc rather than session-by-session. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed playing it.


Chapter 1: Frostbite

In Which Our Heroes Gather Together, A Monster Is Defeated, Robots Are Fixed, Bandits Are Put In Their Place, And A Danger Is Revealed

Chapter 2: Lightwatch Corona Aja'ar

In Which Our Heroes Reach Shelter, Artifacts Are Made, Games Are Played, And A Course Is Set

Chapter 3: Gethamane

In Which Our Heroes Reach The Mountain City, Paperwork Is Filed, Books Are Purchased, And Things Are Stolen

Chapter 4: Vodak

In Which Our Heroes Reach Heaven, A Dark Horror Is Discovered, Secrets Become Known, And Brave Men Fall

Chapter 5: Keniir

In Which Our Heroes Part Ways, Things Are Not As They Seem, The Dead Are Not So Dead, Fireworks Are Seen, And A Mystery Is Solved