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I GM a game for my friend John, his brother Will, and my sister Isa. I made this page mainly so that I can put up some of the funny or interesting things that come about as a result of our games.

Player Characters

Obviously, the characters that the players play as.

  • Hjalmar Xun: John's character, a Twilight-caste Solar who serves as the leader of the Circle.
  • Sha’ul Spiritspeaker: Will's character, a slightly insane No Moon Lunar.
  • Kalyna Petra: Isa's character, a Changing Moon with a bit of kleptomania.

The Campaign

Various things related to the (currently unnamed) campaign that I'm running. You can find the actual plot so far here.


In case you missed it, you should really go check out ZMoring/Campaign1. It's getting pretty awesome.

The Good

Helpful mortals, Exalted allies, and endearing characters: NPCs that I designed to help along the Circle and make sure the plot goes where I want it to.

The Bad

Wyld Hunts, Deathlords, and corrupt officials: NPCs I put in the story to antagonize, derail or hinder the Circle, or to just be a pain-in-the-ass.

The Ugly

Creeps, freaks, and weirdos: the monsters and enemies I throw at my players, from horrors in the Underway to yeti to malevolent gods.

Manses and Demesnes

Manses and Demesnes from our campaign. I created most of them, but I let John design his own for Hjalmar.