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Graces as modular character component kick ass, especially when you can discover new Graces. It gives players an interesting, unique character advancement option.

A normal Exalt is (souls) + (Exaltation) + (body) A normal raksha is (Graces) A raksha with mutations is (Graces) + (body)

Add Graces to an exalt, and you become something new. If you want to become a raksha and learn non-feeding charms, you'll need to file off some or all of your superfluous components - probably your souls.

There are probably first-age solars who've done this, and are now seventeen creations over with custom graces like Wheat and Pillar. Either through finding new graces in the wyld, or customising their standard graces in Creation - after all, graces are artifacts, and Solars have incredible craft charms.

this is awesome. - willows