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Existing Wyld Mutations

All mutations marked with a * have yet to reappear in 2nd edition.


  • Elemental Adaptation (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Hooves (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Longevity (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Night Vision (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Wolf’s Pace (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Bio Luminescence (CoTD: The West)
  • Changing Colouration (CoTD: The West)
  • Enhanced Senses (Fog Sight)
  • Mouth Tentacles (CoTD: The West)
  • Sonar (CoTD: The West)
  • Claws/Fangs (Exalted Core)
  • Enhanced Sense (Exalted Core)
  • Fur/Scales (Exalted Core)
  • Large (Exalted Core)
  • Skin/Hair Colour (Exalted Core)
  • Small (Exalted Core)
  • Tail (Exalted Core)
  • Sturdy (Exalted the Lunars)*
  • Kin Sense (Lands of Creation)
  • Serpentine Tongue (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Third Eye (MoEP: Lunars)


  • Allergy (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Hungry (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Lost Sense (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Rotundity (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Temperature Sensitivity (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Atrophy (Exalted Core)
  • Mood Swings (Exalted Core)
  • Ugly (Exalted Core)
  • Disgusting Scent (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Disturbing Voice (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Second Mouth (MoEP: Lunars)


  • Exalted Healing (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Gazelle’s Pace (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Huge (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Impossible Joints(CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Inexhaustible (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Tiny (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Shark’s Sight (CoTD: The West)
  • Chameleon (Exalted Core)
  • Frog Tongue (Exalted Core)
  • Gills (Exalted Core)
  • Prehensile Tail (Exalted Core)
  • Talons/Horns (Exalted Core)
  • Toxin (Exalted Core)
  • Berserker (Exalted the Lunars)*
  • Tough (Exalted the Lunars)*
  • Webbing (Exalted the Lunars)*
  • Chakra Eye (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Great Hooves (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Scorpion’s Tail (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Thick Skin (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Essence Cannon (Exalted the Autochthonians)*
  • Micro Tools (Exalted the Autochthonians)*
  • Greater Brachiation (CotD: East)
  • Omnidexterity (CotD: East)


  • Blindness (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Deterioration (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Fragile (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Slow Healing (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Diet (Exalted Core)
  • Delusions (Exalted Core)
  • Wyld Addiction (Exalted Core)
  • Heart’s Blood Addiction MoEP: Lunars


  • Cheetah’s Pace (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Enlightened Essence (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Armoured Hide (Exalted Core)
  • Warped Destiny (Oadenol’s Codex)
  • Glider (Exalted Core)
  • Quills (Exalted Core)
  • Tentacles (Exalted Core)
  • Wall Walking (Exalted Core)
  • Beast Form (Exalted the Lunars*)
  • Concealment (Exalted the Lunars*)
  • Impaling Attack (Exalted the Lunars*)
  • Poison Mastery (Exalted the Lunars*)
  • Skin Changer (Exalted the Lunars*)
  • Acidic Pustules (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Hideous Maw (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Lidless Demon Eye (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Prehensile Body Hair (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Serpentine Hair (MoEP: Lunars)


  • Short Life (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Sundered Flesh (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Wracking (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Decomposing (Exalted Core)
  • Plague Carrier (Exalted Core)
  • Ongoing Mutation (Lands of Creation)
  • Creature of Darkness (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Magical Plague Carrier (MoEP: Lunars)


  • Dragon’s Breath (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Stone Body (CoCD: The Wyld)
  • Fish Body (CoTD: The West)
  • Fog Carrier (CoTD: The West)
  • Squid Body (CoTD: The West)
  • Hive (Exalted Core)
  • Multiple Limbs (Exalted Core)
  • Wings (Exalted Core)
  • Concealed Form (Exalted the Lunars)
  • Gargantuan (Lands of Creation)
  • Immortal Flesh (Lands of Creation)
  • Serpent’s Body (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Spiders Legs (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Terrifying Mane (MoEP: Lunars)


  • Biomagitech Implants (Lords of Creation)
  • Cannibalism (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Megalomania (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Sexual Addiction (MoEP: Lunars)
  • Sociopathic Detachment (MoEP Lunars)