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Wushu is about as light as a system can get and still be functional. It also was build with the same Wuxia sensibility that Exalted is supposed to have. The net hosts several different Exalted conversions for Wushu (this one seems to be based on, and links to, most of the others).

The problem with nearly all of these is that they seem obsessed with pulling huge chunks of crunch (such as Attributes and Abilities) into Wushu, seeming to me to defeat the whole purpose. So, some thoughts on Wu-Shan, a reworking using Wushu rules for Exalted, but avoiding the unnecessary crunch of Wuxalted and other attempts.

  • All about what is veto-able.
    • Solars - indirect actions more likely to be vetoed
    • Sidereals - direct actions more likely to be vetoed
    • Your caste allows you to override a veto in a particular area, maybe once per encounter or game.
  • Human dice limits, but
    • Descriptions using magic can increase to some level
    • Descriptions that contain ancillary story consequences can increase it more.
  • Essence
    • Like chi.
    • Not fixed as in other versions.
    • Need story effort to raise.
  • Virtues
    • All characters must take a trait in a virtue
    • Different virtue choices based on "race". That is, solars might have standard four, but lunars would have Glory, Succor, etc.
    • Some sort of chi interaction and/or problem when violating.
    • Might not need a rating.
  • Artifacts only matter narratively.

Still thinking about this one.