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Daneel Rush here (formerly known as Wings).

I return to get back to work on Exalted: Kawaii Edition, even if nobody else is paying attention to that anymore. I just don't like leaving things unfinished. I intend to change all the content (mostly Charms) to Second Edition rules, and give the potential players the choice of which "edition" to use.

If I have time, I would also like to remake all the original content my friends and I (mostly our Storyteller and our little Shoat of the Mire) made for our old epic campaign. I'm looking forward to include all kinds of original stuff in here. We made a whole lot of original things in our campaign, from Artifacts to Hearthstones, from Martial Arts styles to Warstriders, and now I'm hoping to share them with everyone here.

My Original Contributions

Martial Arts

  • Underworld Finial Style: A Celestial Style connected to the founding of Stygia and its purpose as a fortress against Oblivion.

Wings Spanning Creation

All the info connected to my old epic campaign, including the session logs.

Player Characters

  • Maya Malirien: a ruthless, ambitious and beautiful woman, aiming to topple the Realm by economical collapse. Eclipse Caste Solar.
  • Mnemon Kybele: a man who dreams of rebuilding the First Age with the power of geomancy. Twilight Caste Solar.
  • Shoat of the Mire: a young girl of unmatched beauty, longing for a purpose. Dusk Caste Abyssal.
  • Walker in Boundless Shadows: saving the world with kindness, one person at a time. Sidereal Chosen of Saturn.

=== Session Logs ===

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