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Daneel Rush here (formerly known as Wings).

Homebrew Content

Exalted Essence

Martial Arts

  • Infernal Monster Style: A conversion from 2e Infernals. Brutality in its purest form. Martial might made the opposite of an art form.
  • Street of Gold Lanterns Style: A style centered on control of self and others, inspired by a non-canon interpretation of the Thirteenth Soul of Malfeas.
  • Undying Tyrant Numen Style: A style that turns your anima into the instrument of your authority.
  • Violet Bier of Sorrows Style: A conversion from 1e/2e Sidereals. The "Endings Style" that is the signature martial arts of the Sidereal Exalted.

1e Martial Arts

  • Underworld Finial Style: A Celestial Style connected to the founding of Stygia and its purpose as a fortress against Oblivion.