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Chimera Charms

For context, see GoldenCat/Chimerae. Please leave comments as signed bullets after the Charm they refer to. (It's a new thing. It works way better than the Comments section at the bottom of the page.)

The Arrows of My Teeth

1m, Supp, Instant
Keywords: Obvious, Combo-OK
Minima: Charisma 2, Essence 2
Prereqs: A Dexterity Excellency

The chimera can perform bites as a projectile weapon. It may use bites as ammunition for such as a bow, in which case the damage of a bite is Charisma + Valour. It may use bites as projectiles in their own right, in which case, they have the traits of thrown knives.

charm name

5m, Simple, Scene
Keywords: Obvious, Combo-Simple
Minima: Charisma 3, Essence 2
Prereqs: ???

The chimera benefiting from this Charm does not seem to move through conventional space; it flickers. It seems as though parts of its body only move to keep up with other parts when the chimera realises that they probably should; a careful observer can catch it enacting several poses at once.

While it suffers from this condition, the chimera's projectile attacks are bounded by emotional distance. Disregard the weapon's range entirely. The target may instead apply Intimacies against the attack, as though the attack were an attempt at persuading the target to cease being alive.