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The Following Text was originally in the main description. Willows comment below does make me call it into question, however. Thoughts would be most appreciated.

The Cosmology of The Sixth Element grows with the story. Each submission should contain a brief description of some aspect of the world. Preferably these sections will have something to do with the story at hand in at least a tangential way, but this is not necessery. The purpose of this part of the exercise is to build a world together.


I think that this Exalted in Space idea is great.

But I don't feel that a world-building exercise is within the purview of WBM. In fact, I think that a connected story format will actually benefit your project, allowing the writers to explore singular ideas and see where they lead, rather than have everyone introduce elements like confetti. It will result in a more cohesive and elegant whole.

- willows

Ah, I see it was unclear. It IS a connected story format. It just offers an exposition device with the price of your ticket. I got this idea from when I, years ago, wrote a few episodes of a Legend of the Five Rings story in Space. At the beginning of each chapter, I put an Encyclopedia Entry that had to do with the story, just to get out a feel of the game world.

It should all be clear when I put the Pilot up. And the piece of plot detail is an idea that is secondary to the story, not the other way around.