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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my very own Exalted wiki page! I'm sometimes a player, sometimes a storyteller. I'm typically better at being a player. I like to create new artifacts, because that's what my characters do.


Hjalmar Xun the Lightbringer - My current player, a Twilight caste sorcerer and swordsman.

Arcturus Sonara - A powerful Lookshian Twilight caste sorcerer.

Focused Echelon of Knowledge - A Starmetal caste Alchemical spymaster scouting out creation and attempting to repair Autochthon.

Efficient Relay of Data - A Beta-3 Autochthonian machine god serving under Focused Echelon of Knowledge.

Zeratuul the Emancipator - A Dawn caste traveling all of Creation and ending slavery and oppression where he finds it.

Alana Hylvesius - A noble from the outcaste Hylvesius family, beggared by fate and attempting to root out a conspiracy surrounding her father's murder.

Created Content

Kiduke's Artifacts