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In his early thirties now, Hasan Laughing Typhoon is far from the impetuous youth he once was, though he still possesses considerable confidence in himself and believes that everything will turn out right eventually; he tries to appreciate all things for what they are, no matter how terrible the circumstance.

Like his mother, his eyes are a sparkling storm of iridescent raindrops, his long hair a shawl of jungle mist, and condensation drips from beneath his fingertips; all of this clashes with his otherwise unappealing seeming of a swarthy Varang mortal, looking quite the wiry old rogue or bandit. Even so, he has a charming smile and a gift for understanding people that has assured his welcome in many a situation.

Over many years he and his mother have made themselves known to the gambling houses of Yu-Shan; visits to some in Creation, especially the Varang City-States, are also common enough that they are remembered as all-too-skillful customers and a scourge on the pockets of the unwise. This reputation seems to please Mahiya-Varsha immeasurably, while quiet Hasan holds pride in his abilities without such obvious glee.

Of course, with such overconfidence as they both possess, they are a quiet joke to those more prestigious venues they frequent, where even more skilled clientele make a sport of preying on the two; always Mahiya-Varsha comes away from these establishments feeling cruel fate has robbed her, for she was oh-so-close to winning every time. Hasan is more understanding of the situation, knowing he is simply far outmatched by the older gods in some games, but can rarely resist trying again anyway.

And so it goes, with Hasan and Mahiya-Varsha supplementing their own resources with quintessence and favours from minor gods, and inadvertently trading those favours and sometimes even pledging their own in payment to gamblers more savvy than they.

While gambling is the preferred occupation of Mahiya-Varsha while shirking her duties, it is not her sole vice; whimsical as the sudden rainstorms she throws at southern jungles, she is prone to staging elaborate parties she can barely afford and overindulging in all manner of intoxicants - most deities of entertainment and artistry know her well, and Burning Feather in particular views her with a sense of pitying fondness... and though he shows it not, Hasan has a certain sadness within him when he finds that same pity for her, though only in his rarest moments of reflection, as he has been gradually realising that she is almost entirely lost to her dissolute existence; it now falls to him to tie up any loose ends so that she does not unravel them both on her way down.

These days, Hasan has found himself in Creation more often than not, meeting with local gods and elementals responsible for managing his mother's directives upon the weather systems or locating and delivering party invitations to pretty gamblers his mother actually remembers, in the event she is organising an event somewhere in Creation; she has a coastal Manse in the Southeast where such things can be hosted. Sometimes the favours he or his mother owes oblige him to enact more dubious deeds; he is rumoured to be proficient in certain methods of acquisition, though he does not speak of such errands - and as he lacks the license to freely reenter Yu-Shan, he tries to work them around official business rather than be stranded in Creation too long.

Hasan Laughing Typhoon, son of Mahiya-Varsha the Cyclone Puppeteer

Heritage: God-Blooded
Nature: Judge
Anima: Swirling aura of iridescent raindrops and mist spilling from his eyes and fingertips
Concept: Gregarious Gambling Groundskeeper
Experience: 8

Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Charisma 3, Manipulation 4, Appearance 2
Perception 2, Intelligence 3, Wits 2


  • War
    • Athletics 1
    • Awareness 1
    • Brawl 4
    • Endurance 1
    • Resistance 1
  • Life
    • Craft (Architecture) 3
    • Larceny 4
    • Linguistics 2 (Old Realm, Flametongue, Forest-tongue)
    • Performance 1
    • Presence 1
    • Socialise 1
    • Stealth 2
    • Survival 4
  • Wisdom
    • Bureaucracy 1
    • Lore 2
    • Occult 2

Backgrounds: Artifact 3, Celestial Manse 1, Contacts 2, Inheritance 3, Patron 3, Resources 3, Savant 3

Compassion 2, Conviction 2, Temperance 2, Valor 3

Willpower: 5
Health: -0,-1,-1,-2,-2,-4,Incap
Essence: 2
Essence pool: 9 Personal, 9 (20) Peripheral


  • Valour
    • Affinity Element Control: Air and Water (6m, S, scene)

Equipment: Shiny new machete, stick to part vegetation, pack containing various other survival and cooking equipment, tough travelling clothes, heavy mechanised wind-jade boots (with The Lion's Heart socketed on the left shin), hooded elephant-hide buff jacket dusted with dark moss-green jade. Stored Elsewhere he has a mottled black and green jade cache egg containing jade bits and small gemstones for use as currency, decks of cards and counters for gaming, a couple of sets of more refined clothing, toiletries etc.

Merits and Flaws:

  • Merits
    • Awakened Essence (5pt Merit)
    • Magical Attunement (4pt Merit)
    • God-Body (7pt Merit; Soak Lethal w/ half Sta, staunch bleeding and resist poison etc as Exalted)
    • Prodigy (4pt Merit; 2 additional Favoured Abilities)
  • Flaws
    • Aura of Power (4pt Flaw; 2/3 of Essence pool causes anima flare like an Exalt)
    • Unusual Appearance (1pt Flaw; iridescent rainwater for eyes and jungle mist for hair)

Quick Combat

Base initiative: 5
Soak: 7B/5L/4A (Chameleon Coat)
Dodge: 3
Wind-Hammer Boots: Spd 3 Acc 9 Dmg 8L Def 8 Rate 3
Punch: Spd 5 Acc 8 Dmg 2B Def 9 Rate 5
Grab: Spd 1 Acc 7 Dmg 2B Def 7 Rate 1
Barefoot Kick: Spd 2 Acc 8 Dmg 5B Def 4 Rate 3

Expanded Backgrounds

Artifact •••

Wind-Hammer Boots</i>

Artifact ••
Blue jade god-kicking boots
Speed -2 Accuracy +2 Damage +6L Defense +1 Rate 3 (PowerCombat, excluding material bonus)
Commitment: 5, jade
Bulky articulated boots with tiny air-spirits bound into their mechanisms, enabling the wearer to leap extraordinary distances with easy grace. Doubles leaping distance and aids Athletics rolls to jump and balance etc; add three dice to relevant rolls.

<i>Chameleon Coat</i>

Artifact ••
Jade buff jacket
Soak 4L / 5B Mobility -1 Fatigue 1 without jade bonus?
Commitment: 4, jade

<i>Cache Egg</i>

Artifact ••
2' diameter black and green jade cache egg, as per AB:E p79
Commitment: 2 motes

Celestial Manse •

The abode of his mother Mahiya-Varsha, which despite all tinkering and attempts to fill it with ostentatious rain-themed decorations remains at its heart a Solar Manse, producing The Lion's Heart.

Contacts ••

Hasan knows many people, owes many of them favours and is usually owed as many in return. Virtually none of these are capable of being plot-relevant, but a couple of useful bits of information might chance his way. You never know.

Inheritance ••• and Patron •••

Hasan is the son of Mahiya-Varsha, the Cyclone Puppeteer, Goddess of Tropical Rainstorms and Taisho of Resplendent Water, who operates under Nasri in the Bureau of Seasons. The two are and always have been close, though Mahiya-Varsha's dissolute lifestyle is beginning to strain things.

Resources •••

A combination of a small allowance from his mother and his winnings from gambling with various little gods in Yu-Shan.

Savant •••

Hasan is a product of a fine Heavenly upbringing - he even remembers most of the lessons battered into his mind by First Age tutoring devices his mother owns. This should enable him to fulfil his (perhaps self-appointed) task of tinkering with the Manse, maintaining any First Age technology they find, and so on, although other than the technology he doesn't know much of the First Age.

Comments, thoughts etc.

I have a strange mental image of Hasan wearing mighty jade god-kicking boots, leaping and kicking at enemies while manipulating a rainwater thread cat's-cradle spread between his fingertips that directs a drizzle of homunculi to harry at the ankles of those he fights. I hope that sounds cool, because frankly, if we find ourselves under attack he'll <i>need every stunt die he can get.

In any case, directing little humanoid puffs of elemental essence by tweaking a cat's cradle formed of rainwater kind of appeals, so figure that for a standard manifestation of his one charm.

Oh, and I hope everything else checks out; I realise that splitting Artifact 3 like so is a bit heretical but I'm hoping you'll turn a blind eye on this occasion... and I don't think there are any surprises in there beyond the artifact boots I wrote up for the aforementioned whimsical mental image - they okay with you? ~OrigamiFox

Character sheet altered as discussed; no more dodgy spreadsheet God-Blooded for me! - OrigamiFox