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Lookie what I made

I couldn't find a page for community-created Backgrounds, so I'm putting mine here.

So what makes you so great?

Nothing, really. There is no reason why you should be reading this.

What are your qualifications?

I've been involved in RPGs for about the past 15 years. My first exposure was when I was about 8 or 9... to AD&D. As archaic and ineffecient those rules seem now, they still bring back a sense of nostalgia. You have never truly roleplayed until your third-level fighter crit-fumbles his THAC0 roll against a 1HD gobbo sentry and is impaled on his own bastard sword.

Good times...

Anyway... so yeah, I've been GMing/DMing or whatever you call it for about 15 years. For about the first third of that, I was pretty much left to my own devices. See, my parents could not justify springing 20-30 bucks a book for a nine year old kid. My only resource was the Eagle Scout who introduced me to AD&D... and he was pretty protective/stingy with his books (he couldn't justify loaning them to a nine year old kid). So from the few sessions he had run us through, I was hooked on roleplaying. Back then, all I knew about fantasy roleplaying came from Tolkein and some NES and PC RP games (Rogue, Ultima, Dragon Warrior, etc...), and some BBS MUDs. So about 4 of us created our own diceless RPs. I started to collect pewter minis, which thrilled my mom for some reason, so at least we had those. I eventually ended up with a set of polyhedra dice somehow.

Then came Hero Quest. Ah Hero Quest. Life would never be the same after you.

This satisfied us for some years, until my parents finally broke down and actually bought me a 2nd ed Player's Guide from the local comic shop. My RP exposure was still limited at this time... I didn't know what else was out there besides AD&D, and the two comic shops in town really only carried AD&D. I knew there was more out there, but there was no such thing as the internet back then (and I didn't have much luck on the local BBSs).

Then came high school. I was involved in the drama department and met other RP geeks. RP geeks who told me of Rifts, and other game systems. And my older sister hooked-up with a guy she met at college who introduced me to Arduin, Warhammer, Call of Chtulhu, Rolemaster, and my personal Holy Grail- Shadowrun.

Anyone who has played AD&D or any of its bastard off spring can spot the similarities a mile away. AD&D was the direct descendant of a strategic tabletop game, Chainmail. 99% of the stats and rules in it are throwbacks from tabletop miniature gaming. Every aspect and action of the game had it's own 'system' and formula and dice and blah blah blah. None of it made sense, at least not to me.

Shadowrun, now I GOT Shadowrun. Pretty much Storyteller with d6. The system was beautiful in its simplicity and ability to simulate and resolve anything the players wanted to do.

Much roleplaying was had. And it was good.

Then I moved to Missouri. I bequeathed all my Shadowrun material to my best friend.

In Missouri I was introduced to the WorldofDarkness, and in the worst way. A kid in my drama class always brought his Vampire core book to school. Creepy kid who didn't talk of anything else. He was convinced that the game was a cult and anyone you exposed to the game had to be recuited to play. Weirdo. Pretty much turned me off to the scene.

I met some LARPers at a comic book store (Where I had picked up a copy of Amber Diceless)... some college-aged kids who were very professional about the whole thing. So I took up with them for a couple of sessions. Oh wow, they were worse than the kid in my drama class. Totally screwed in the head. Scary weirdos.

I found a copy of Changeling at Barnes and Nobles and sat down with it one afternoon. I loved it and bought it. I got Werewolf Wild West as soon as it came out. I discovered GURPS when GURPS Discworld was released. I followed that with GURPS Steampunk (I love Victorian lit), and ran a successful Steampunk game for quite awhile.

Then I found Mage Knight Dungeons and found the perfect opportunity to relive my Hero Quest/Warhammer Quest days. I am currently involved in a project to make the game more RP oriented.

Which brings us pretty much to today. B Dalton's was going out of business and everything in the store was 50% off. Everything. So I picked up Exalted and Hunter.

And now I have no one to play with.

The end.


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