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I'm going to be putting up more thaumaturgy Arts, Sciences and Rituals. I'm also going to be putting up a modernish setting using the basic Exalted rules. First however I need to figure out the way to format things nicely with the Wiki.

Yo! Welcome to the Wiki. Given your interest, two pages here you might wanna check out are MortalSorcery and ExMod - the former being a write up of Mortal Sorcery that existed before the Player's Guide, wouldn't be that hard to retrofit, and has several good ideas that were conspiciously absent from the PG itself (such as Healing and Conveyance, and far better rules for weatherworking), the later being the original Exalted Modern stuff, without both some Charm trees and alternate dramatic system for Modern games (especially in the area of firearms and car chases- and one day, I WILL finish my Hacking rules, damnit!) DS