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Yes, it's barren on this page.

MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! ~Coughs.~ Now that that's outta my system...

Hello lovelies! I'm so glad you chanced upon my page. Whether it be by accident, or if you were directed here by another, or perhaps you were set on fire and your computer is possessed. Whatever the reason, I'm delighted to have you here. My real name is Jade and I am an avid lover of Exalted and /shinies/.

The Ashen Seraphim is the name of one of my elder abyssal characters. She was my first. ~Coughblush.~ And pretty much my only steady character.

I've run plenty of Exalted Games and participated in many more, and would be delighted to do even more. I stumbled upon this wiki by chance and have fallen in love with it. I just haven't had the time to properly get set up here. But now I can!

Now... the original draft of my introduction went ASPLODE. So. Have fun on this here page, and I look forward to putting stuff on the wiki soon! ~Skips off.~

CURRENTLY: Working on character sheet and artifacts.

NEXT UP: Charms, prolly.


Ashbringer - All - TheAshenSeraphim 
Legendary scythe-like weapon that was made specifically for one individual. Oo-rah.


The Ashen Seraphim- Chosen by all to keep the balance. (The irony is just killing me.)


(Because I absolutely adore familiars and think they should have their own section. Bite me.)

Miscellaneous crap with a really long title.

Comments? Love? Hate? FIRE?!

OMFG FIRE WHERE?! Welcome to the wiki. - Han'ya

Danke~ - TheAshenSeraphim