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Tepet Vargus Iyzataka
Concept - Hyper Archealogist
Nature - Thrillseeker
Aspect - Fire
Anima - Volcano
Played by Fighting Game Character
Iyzataka was the only child of his un-exalted parents. They hoped that he would be a Dragon-Blood, but he didn't expect to be, and that developed into an attitude. Without the distinction of an exaltation, he determined, he could have his way as he wanted. When he did exalt a bit after the fact, his reaction was anything but expected.
He adventured far and wide through the neighboring prefectures of the Realm. He simply wanted to fight things and rescue damsels, and kept his location as quiet as he could. He knew when the House would consider him not worth the effort, and arrived somewhere around the last second.
His House tried to control him. They at first matched him with the calm and cruel ice queen Kataris Calut Peleps. Kataris retreated a few years into the prospective candidacy, and Iyzataka wound up with a frozen scar across his face that is still there. The rivalry is still encouraged, though, and Iyzataka and Kataris may yet be married.
Then, Vargus discovered the wild woman Xari V'neef and tried to marry Iyzataka to her. They developed a mutual attraction, but when it seemed they would be married, Xari got recruited into the legions, and her personality, though wild and hyper, developed a crisp edge because of it.
Xari moved up through the ranks and recommended Iyzataka to her commander. Iyzataka warily accepted a position as a special agent for the Realm, and now obtains artifacts and explores manses. He's considering the Scavenger Lands, but there's not a lot of chance that his House will let him out of their reach.
4 Parts Archealogy
3 Parts Rivalry with the Ice Queen
3 Parts Self Control? What Self Control?
2 Parts Girl Magnet
2 Parts Interrupted Battles
2 Parts No Escape For the Wicked
1 Part Bodyguard Pupils
1 Part Not So High Breeding
1 Part Stories of the Artifacts
Lots of Valor, some Compassion, some Conviction...
You have one Iyzataka!