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The Legend of the Cursed Swordsman

"One day I will come back and I will destroy you. You who have betrayed me and all that I held dear. You who have defeated me and sent me on your quest. When I have completed your task, I will be released. Run then, for I will allow nothing you could do to stop me. Flee into the very depths of the Wyld and pray that I never find you. For I will return, with a sword of cold-iron, to cut away your shape until nothing remains." That was my promise, the one my foe knows I will keep. So I was chained, in the hope that I would die before I could destroy the Realm and complete my task. So am I cursed, to walk forever alone, watching those who draw close to me suffer and die.

Name: Melun Jinn, The Cursed Swordsmen
Caste: Eshu (EntertainerTalion/Warrior)
Nature: Survivor
Court: Exile
Concept: Warrior bound by honour and revenge


Strength 6 (8), Dexterity 7, Stamina 6 (7)
Charisma 5, Manipulation 3, Appearance 5
Perception 5, Intelligence 4, Wits 7

Caste Abilities

Investigation 2
Presence 4
Performance 4
Stealth 4
Athletics 4

Favoured Abilities

Melee 7 (+3 Sword)
Dodge 5
Survival 5

Non-Favoured Abilities

Lingistics 1 (Old Realm, New Realm)
Endurance 2


Artifact 5

  • Blood Soaked Destiny [5-dot Oath]
  • Warrior's Way [4-dot Oath]
  • Survivor's Will [4-dot Oath]
  • Curse of the Betrayer [1-dot Spell]

Birth 2

  • One free Assumption charm (Assumption of Dreams and Passion)
  • Ravishing the Created Form
  • Banquet of Crumbs

Gossamer 2

  • 3 Gossamer per story.

Familiar 3

Virtues etc

Compassion 5, Cup 5
Conviction 1, Staff 1
Temperance 1, Ring 1
Valor 5, Sword 5

Heart 3
Willpower 10
Mutation Points 9
Essence 2
Essence Pool 7 (20)
Committed 13

Bonus Points

+2 Compassion 6
+2 Melee 2 [8]
+2 Artifact 4 [12]
+3 Melee Specialty 3 [15]


Srishti Oath: Blood Soaked Destiny
"In memory for the one who is no longer. I will have my revenge."
Bastion of the Self (Cup) [4]

Tirobhava Oath: Warrior's Way
Minor power: Persistent parry of Staff shaping attacks.
"I will never refuse a fight, nor refuse the commands of one who has defeated me."
Grace of the Infinite Revolving Spheres [4]
Sponge of Emotions (Fear, Cup) [5]
Defining the Parameters of Battle [6]

Tirobhava Oath: Survivor's Will
"Until I have destroyed my foe, I will not stop nor allow anyone to stop me."
Worker's Gift x2 [2]
Regeneration Affliction [4]
Tough Affliction (+2 Strength, +1 Stamina, full Stamina lethal soak, one -1 HL, 2 -2 HLs) [6]

This spell is owned by the Betrayer, but it starts off having already been cast upon the Swordsman. The powers of this spell should generally be controlled by the storyteller. The spell takes the form of a manacle connected to a weight by a chain. It is made of a strange metal of all colours mixed to produce black. The corpsefire surrounding the manacle, burns the metal endlessly without consuming it.
Waking Circle Spell: Curse of the Betrayer
Assumption of Cerements and Bone [1]
Transient Work of Flesh and Bone [2] (500 extras)

  • The manacle glows red, seeming to eat all other light until the entire scene is lit red. The Curse Bearer is assaulted with pain as ghostly figures claw their way out of his soul and rise like billowing smoke. These figures grow increasingly more clearly defined, to stand as rank after rank of slightly hazy soldiers.

Transient Work of Flesh and Bone [3] (Fifth Spiral: Hawk)

  • Fifth Spiral Behemoths are the weakest of the Betrayer's monsters. The Hawk swoops upon the foe in the confusion created by the Betrayer's lesser troops. A shadow spreads from along the ground from beneath the manacle. The hawk swoops from out of the sky.

Transient Work of Flesh and Bone [4] (The Silent Messenger)

  • The Betrayer's diplomat, it is able to make use of the curse's power to arrange things to the Betrayer's liking. The Silent Messenger is always summoned at the same time as the soldiers. It assumes the shape of one of them.

Unlimited Resplendence [6]
The Naming of Secrets [8]
Adored by All the Worlds [10]

The Silent Messenger
A doppleganger, able to take the form of those it kills. The Silent Messenger uses this ability to spread dissention and deceit at the direction of the Betrayer.
Knife-hand Dream [1]
Armament of Flesh [3]
Skin-changer [7]
Shiftless Untamed Beauty [8]
Gladdening Visage [9]

Fifth Spiral: Hawk
Knife-hand Dream [1]
Armament of Flesh [3]
Gossamer Wing Flight [5]
Imposition of Law (Dexterity + Brawl: Fly-by Attacks) [9]

Lesser items

Zephyr Phantom Sword (Gossamer Straight Sword)
Speed +4, Accuracy +4, Damage +4L, Defence +2, Rate 5 (Power Combat)
Speed 18, Accuracy 21, Damage 12L, Defence 19, Rate 5 (Power Combat)
Enchanted with Translucent Dream Sheathing Technology.
The blade is surrounded by shadowy copies of itself. These copies bend and twist towards their mark, making all attempts to prevent the blade from striking true, as doomed as the foe struck.

Desired mechanical effect: Taking any actions to defend against the sword is impossible without breaking the reality of the shaping.

The Obsidian Ward
12L/12B (Super Heavy Plate)
Enchanted with Translucent Dream Sheathing Technology.
The wearer of the obsidian ward seems to tower over other beings, as a black god of war. To attack would be futile or worse, for it might provoke horrifying retribution.

Desired mechanical effect: Taking any action to attack the wearer is impossible without breaking the reality of the shaping.


Assumption of Dreams and Passion (Fear)(1pt Mutation)
Ravishing the Created Form
Banquet of Crumbs

Gladdening Visage

Spectacular Insanity
Raging Vortex Form (Preemptive Declaration of Victory, Gossamer Wing Flight)

  • Wings of shadow spread forth and the swordsman's foes come to know the futility of their opposition.