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Rotekian Xynth, Island of Bounty

The island was once a part of creation during the first age, held high by power artifacts, it was used as a staging post for the redistribution of food throughout the realm. With the betrayal of Solars, some fault in its creation whether by accident or by design caused it to tip and begin to drift out of creation. In the turmoil it was abandoned and eventually drifted deep into the Wyld, it survived for a long time, protected by the magics of the Solar who created it. Still in time such power faded and it became aware. Sleepily at first Rotekian Xynth ceased its outward motion and began the long journey back to the lands of its creation. As it closed with creation other Raksa came to visit the island, at first they ignored the land seeking its master, unaware of its true nature. Their attempts to warp him, roused him to anger, so he created an avatar to carry his word. Using the avatar he was soon able to pacify the Raksa and in exchange for an agreement to host the occasional hunting trip, he was supplied with minions to tend to the lands and begin the repair work on the first age ruins. Though he is secretive about it, he hopes to one day return to his purpose and help to feed and protect creation from those who would destroy it.

Island Waypoints

The island is composed of five waypoints.




  • Waypoint 1 is the upper surface, mainly flat and grassy, with a mountain at the centre, a river runs off one edge to be caught by a golden drainage system, from which it is fed back up the mountain to fall back down again. One one edge a first age ruin still remains, where air ships of first age design would be capable of docking. A still functioning conveyor belt designed to aid the unloading and loading of cargo can also be found. This part of the island is filled with ancient and unusual plants and animals, some relics of the first age, others twisted by the Wyld. The weather here is always sunny and warm in summer and mild in winter, without ever becoming too cold or too hot for the plants and animals to survive. Most of the plants are safe to eat and all taste excellent being of a finer quality to than the majority of food produced in creation.
  • Waypoint 2 is inside the mountain and was once used as the island's control centre, this is where Rotekian's avatar can be found. All the technology of the first age was scavenged from this area, so it has a disordered look as debris and junk roll around of their own accord. The caves generally remain static, though the furnishings and other objects to be found within them often change from day to day.
  • Waypoint 3 used to be a huge warehouse used to store cargo, but over the years the drainage system has leaked, half filling the chamber. Empty crates, driftwood and other flotsam still float about, some gathered together to form temporary platforms. The cave is huge accounting for most of the space below ground.
  • Waypoint 4 is filled with the anchient engines used to keep the island flying inside creation, over time the machines purpose has changed however and now they rattle, whir and bubble turning huge gears for no apparent purpose. The one thing the engines do still maintain are the pumps used to empty the drainage system. The room is a monument to order, at the same time great scything pendulums make it slightly hazardous to traverse. Sections of the floor are made of glass and liquid of different colours traverse glass pipes beneath. Ants scurry along the floor and up the walls, carrying various objects to a nest amoung the pipes.
  • Waypoint 5 is at the top of the mountain, a fortress of obsidian and frozen glass. At the very top of this fortress is the chamber where the water is pumped back down the mountain. The fortress itself is mostly white, covered with a thin layer of ice on both the outside and the inside. Unlike the rest of the island, nothing lives here, occasional ice statues of birds and bugs can be spotted by the observant. Despite the ice, the fortress is well adorned, every room filled with riches of one type or another, appropriate to the room's purpose. In order to traverse between levels of the fortress, a central shaft leads straight up, metal hoops providing hand holds to climb to other levels.

Character sheet

"Rotekian Xynth"				Architect
Island Raksa			                the North
CASTE					        IDEOLOGY
Scribe (Diplomat/Worker)		

Strength	3		Charisma	5		Perception	7
Dexterity	3		Manipulation	7		Intelligence	7
Stamina		7		Appearance	4		Wits		5

[[Talion/Linguistics]]/	4		Investigation	1		Archery		
>Occult<	7		Larceny				Athletics	
Ride				Medicine			Brawl		
Socialize			Performance			Melee		
[[Talion/Thrown]]/	4		Stealth				Presence	

Bureaucracy			Awareness	1		Lore: The First Age x1
[[Talion/Craft]]/		4		>Dodge<		7		
[[Talion/Endurance]]/	3		Resistance	1		
>Lore<		7		Sail		
[[Talion/Martial]] Arts/	3		Survival	

Languages:	Old Realm

Virtues & GRACES---
Compassion	**			Temperance	****
Conviction	*****			Valor		*

Heart Grace	3 (Noble)
Cup		Ring			Staff		Sword
*		****			*****		*
13 (temp)	14 (wits)		13 (app) 	16 (sta) 	soak (+will)
///		//// ////		//// //// //	//		health

5 (conv)	7 (int)			7 (man)		3 (dex)		primary
1 (val)		7 (per)			5 (cha)		3 (str)		damage
Willpower	9		BEDLAM:		Conviction
				Describe your Lure here.

Mutation	6		(Essence Max 7)
Gossamer	1/1		(1/ story)

20	Personal		15/20 (5 commited)
Health Levels---
-0	-1		-2		-4	Incap
/	//		//		/	/

natural: 3/7 (0 agg-soak)		Initiative: 8 	 	(Shaping: 9)
armor:  / (-0 mob, 0 fatigue)

Weapon Name			Damage		Acc	Defense		Rate	Speed

Weapon Name			Damage		Acc	Range		Rate
Raw Will^			+0 (7 ring)	+0 (6+)	0 waypoints	2
Gossamer^			+6 (13 ring)	+1 (7+)	0 waypoints	2	1 gossamer/action
Curdling Dream Bow		+12 (19 ring)	+1 (7+)	1 waypoint	3	*/scene
Cosmos Seed			+2 (9 ring)	+0 (6+)	10 waypoints	3	*/action
^ these shaping weapons are considered "unarmed combat", and do not have to be readied.
* this weapon requires either 1 gossamer, or an activation of Luminous Exhalation.

Charm Name				page #	type		cost (duration)
Assumption of the Land's Heart		FF.150	Reflexive	2 Mutation Points (Permanent)
Assumption of the Living Kingdom	FF.150	Reflexive	6 Mutation Points (Permanent)
Ill-Approving Eyes			FF.157	Reflexive	1 mote/2 dice
Flesh-Carved World			FF.172	Supplemental	1 mote/die
Shuddering Wyld Inference		FF.172	Supplemental	1 mote
Furiously Stalling Destiny		FF.193	Reflexive	2 motes
Deeper Into Trouble Technique		FF.193	Supplemental	3 motes
Laughing Monster Stance			FF.193	Simple		6 motes

Ravishing the Created Form		FF.163	Simple		1 willpower, 0 gossamer
Banquet of Crumbs			FF.166	Simple		0 gossamer
Essence-Forging Art			FF.180	Simple		3 motes
Awakened Dream Manufacture		FF.183	Simple		3 motes



Artifact (5); Artifact Waypoint, the island itself. Retinue (3); Common Raksha bound to repair and maintain the island. Gossamer (1); Tithe from the workers on the island. Birth (3);


"Island of Bounty"; Level-5 Wyld Artifact

Glamour Sorcery

Merits and Flaws


Used Raebirn, Artisian of Shadows character sheet to generate the blank. Still need 5 level-1 artifacts, a level-2 and a level 3.

-- Talion