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A concept for a creation destroying Fair Folk evil twin of a Beacons character.

Character Sheet

Name: Morgana
Age: ? (♀)
Caste: Cataphractoi (Noble Warrior / Worker)
Nature: Bravo
Concept: Evil Doppleganger Born of the Wyld
Court: Jet?
XP Saved: 0
XP Total: 0
 Strength     [XXXXXX.]     Charisma     [XXXX...]     Perception     [XXXXX..]
 Dexterity    [XXXXXXX]     Manipulation [XXXXX..]     Intelligence   [XXXXX..]
 Stamina      [XXXXXX.]     Appearance   [XXXX...]     Wits           [XXXXXX.]
    Diplomat              Entertainer               Warrior
Linguistics [.....]   Investigation [.....]    +Archery   [XX...]
Occult      [.....]   Larceny       [.....]    +Athletics [XXXX.]
Ride        [.....]   Medicine      [.....]    Brawl      [X....]
Socialize   [X....]   Performance   [X....]    -Melee     [XXXXX]
Thrown      [.....]   Stealth       [X....]    +Presence  [XXX..]
      Worker               Casteless
Bureaucracy  [.....]   -Awareness [XXX..]
+Craft       [XXX..]   -Dodge     [XXXXX] 
+Endurance   [XX...]   Resistance [XX...]
Lore         [.....]   Sail       [.....]
Martial Arts [X....]   Survival   [X....]
-:Favored, +:Caste
Specialties: Melee (Dual Swords +2)
Virtues, Graces, Essence:
 Compassion    [X....]  (Cup    1)     Temperance   [XX...]   (*Ring 2)
 Valor         [XXXXX]  (*Sword 5)     Conviction   [XX...]   (Staff 1)
 Heart         [XXX..]                 Lures: Engaging in combat, especially with Morgan. 
 Willpower     [XXXXXXX...]   Stunt Die Pool: 5/5
 Essence       [XXx...]       Personal: 30/30    Committed: 0
 Birth    [XXX..]  Born for a great purpose. 5 common charms at creation.
 Style    [XXX..]  Flashy combatant. Stunt Die = Sword+Cup, recover Ring per scene.
 Gossamer [XXX..]  Rich patron. Res 5 in Creation, +6 gossamer a story. Equip Res 3 gossamer. 
 Manse    [XX...]  Has hearthstone that protects from Creation. Manse is possibly a Beacon?
-Ambidextrous (1BP)  No offhand penalties; Skilled in twin blades like her alter-ego.
-Oath Vessel (2?BP)  Created to be replacement for young Morgan, doesn't posses own Heart.
Mutations In Effect:     [Mutation Points: 11/11]
-Affliction, Tail (+2 to Athletics rolls) (2)
-Persistant Charm, Ox-Body Technique (1)
-Persistant Charm, Grace of the Infinite Revolving Spheres (4)
-Persistant Charm, Bastion of the Self: Sword (4)
 Assumption of Elemental Shape:Water (10m, 1g: Exist in Creation as an aqautic being.)
 Assumption of the Person's Heart (10m, 2g: Exist in Creation as a Wyld taint on another creature.
Share charms & mutations with consent of host.)
 Bastion of the Self: Sword (4 mutations: Immune to mundane attacks. Stunted & Charmed attempts at +2 diff.)
 Ravishing the Created Form (1wp: Roll feed Grace to drain perm WP or relevant Virtue & gain 10m temp
Ess/point. No effect on creatures w/ higher WP+Ess than your WP.)
 Banquet of Crumbs (0g, Simp: After exposure to emotion, roll feed Grace, gain 1m/succ)
 Ox-Body Technique (1 mutation: Add a -1 & -2 health level.)
[Creation-Based Crafting]
 Ordinary Object Conjuration (1g: Roll Int+Craft to create mundane item, res value = succ.)
[Wyld Glamour]
 Essence-Forging Art (3m: Create items in the Wyld.)
 Awakened Dream Manufacture (3m: Create living dream servants.)
 Affliction (2 mutations: Manifest a Wyld affliction.)
 Hundred Hand Style (4m, 2g: Reduce multi-action penalties by 1. Can stack.)
  Millipede Mind (8m, 4g: Reduce multi-action penalties by 2. Can stack.)
   Grace of the Infinite Revolving Spheres (4 mutations: If splitting dice pool, first 5 actions have
no multi-action penalties. Can stack.)
 Fearsome Mien (5m, 1w: Targets with Val+Ess lower than Melee suffer -2 dice pool for scene.)

 Gossamer Slashing Swords 'Karma & Dharma': Spd +3, Acc +2, Dmg +3L, Def +2
 Gossamer Composite Bow: Max Str 5, Rate 5, Rng 250 (usually armed w/ Fowling, Str+2 Bash)
 Gossamer Lamellar: 6L/8B, no penalties

Health Levels
-0 [.]
-1 [...]
-2 [...]
-4 [.]

Quick and dirty:

Init: 16 (13 +3 weapon)
Melee Pool: 16 (14 +2 weapon)
Bow Pool: 9
Parry Pool: 18 (14 +2 weapon +2 diff to hit)
Dodge Pool: 12
Soak: 9L/10B (3/6 nat + 6/8 armor)