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A large list of re-written charms will eventually go here. Charms will be rewritten to best match the function of the original, if mechanical differences between the games don't allow it I will probably use the charm to address some piece of mechanics that Exalted charms don't cover.


Basics on using charms

Charms by Exalted Type

Solar Charms First step is the beginning

Lunar Charms Now I am getting ambitious

Sidereal Charms Maybe...

Dragon Blood Charms Now I am just being ridiculous

Sorcery Charms Rule and mote changes, read original for flavor text

Supernatural Fighting Styles Excepting Hero Style

I will post some musing and comparisons here until I get some Charms written

Comparing Exalt Type Charm power levels


Dragonbloods: Remove a kind of penalty in a specific circumstance or reduce a kind of penalty by something Celestial: Remove a kind of penalty or reduce all penalties by an amount Solar: Remove all penalties


Dragonbloods: Can give themselves a dice advantage against an opponent. Celestial: Can remove opponents ability to oppose rolls, so only luck and opponents magic can resist Solar: Can perform perfect actions, can only be resisted, possibly, with other perfect actions


Dragonbloods: They struggle to produce level 3 artifacts Celestial: With some effort they can make level 4 artifacts in a human life time, or live long enough to surpass even this Solars: With a little effort they can produce level 5 artifacts within one lifetime, and make make mind numbing expression of occult mastery given time

Social Fu

Dragonbloods: Can give a bonus in circumstances, or remove penalties Celestial: Can remove someone's ability to resist a certain kind of social attack, like forcing someone to believe you are lying if you speak the truth Solar: Solars can give unresistable commands to another and rewrite memories.

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