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Languages! Wee!

||High Realm||DB, Nobles, Fair Folk, Spirits, Demons|| ||Low Realm||Realm Commoners|| ||Old Realm||Spirits, Demons, Fair Folk, Dragon Kings, Alchemicals, Used in Spells.*|| ||Riverspeak||Spoken in the Scavenger Lands, known throughout the threshold by merchants.|| ||Skytongue||Spoken in the North|| ||Flametongue||Spoken in the South|| ||Seatongue||Spoken in the West|| ||Forest-tongue||Spoken in the East|| ||Tribal Tongues||Spoken by various barbarains**|| ||Guild Cant||Secret Language. Spoken only by high-ups in the guild.***||

  • Required Lore of 1 to know.
    • For every dot, the character knows as many as their Intelligence score.
      • Required Backing of 3 (Guild) to know.

As for reconizing and learning new languages, it's a little more complicated and will be coming later.

There's more!

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Are these house-ruled languages, or your understanding of canon ones? I ask because canonically, Fair Folk, Spirits, and Demons speak Old Realm, and Dragon Kings speak High Holy Speech (which, IIRC, requires high Lore to know). Also, there's Mountain Folk, who speak Rocktongue, and Autochthonians, who speak Autochthonian. ;)