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Skyship used by the Circle of Wyld & Ice.


Name: Suncrest Desu
Artifact ****, potential to upgrade to NStalkerofShadows/A
Appearance: the Suncrest is a reconstructed 1st Age Skyship. "Reconstructed" being a loose term - Vanileth patched together pieces of a wreck in his workshop. The body of the skyship appears as nothing so much as a triangular wedge-shaped ship made of bronze, adamant and feathersteel with main supports of jade. Two enormous sails of indeterminate material stretch from the sides.

Crew: 3/3
Cargo: up to 50 passengers, or 20 tons of cargo (or a combination thereof)
Speed: 30/50mph
Endurance: pilot commitment of 4 motes
Armor: 20L/25B
Manuverability: +2S
Health: Ux10StalkerofShadows/D

  • Lightning ballista (deck-mounted, topside) Speed 6, accuracy +2, Damage 20L piercing, rate 1, range 1,000
  • Light implosion bow (deck-mounted, topside) Speed 6, accuracy +3, damage 12L or 15B (3 yard burst), rate 1, range 500
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