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Origami of Caging Hair

Celestial circle spell
25m, duration of one scene
A spell first taught in Creation by the third circle demon known as Ansosyanin, the Crimson Red Vermillion, second soul of the Yozi Cecelyne. When this spell is cast, those with the ability to see essence flows or having essence sight will see a swirling of thousands of tiny red threads float through the area. These threads extend out (essence) x40 yards from the sorceress. For the duration of the spell gains (essence) touch-based autosuccesses on any awareness rolls against targets within the field of hairlike threads.
Reflexively spending 3m, the sorceress charges this field with crimson essence until her next action. This effect is invisible to normal senses, but all characters using essence sight or having the ability to detect essence flows suffer the effects of heavy fog (or equivalent inhibition for other essence-detecting senses). While charged, the field of hairs may be used to burn the life and essence out of those within the field. These attacks and effects are invisible to those without the ability to detect the field, but may otherwise be defended normally; all damage from these attacks manifests as burns. While charged, the sorceress has access to the following attacks:
    • 1m, reflexive- The sorceress may make a reflexive attack using (perception + occult), adding (essence) autosuccesses. This attack deals (essence)L damage, and no more than 3 such reflexive attacks may be made in a single action taking 3 ticks or longer. These attacks impose a -1 DV attack penalty upon the sorceress, just as normal attacks or counterattacks. These attacks add to onslaught penalties if used during a flurry and may benefit from coordination.
    • 2m, supplementing an attack- The sorceress may wield the field as a unarmed natural weapon. Stats: Speed 5, defense null, acc +3, dam 7L, def -, rate infinite. Piercing, may target anything within field. Unblockable.
    • 3m, supplementing a miscellaneous action (may be flurried up to 10 times in a single flurry)- Creates 5 yard diameter environmental damage zone which disappears if the field moves away from the zone. Does 3A damage per tick, trauma (essence). Does no damage versus inanimate objects.


Oh, any ideas on how to make the origami spell more thematically amusing would be appreciated. There's probably a good spell idea in there somewhere! ~Capric