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Stunning Shot</B>

Cost:  2 motes
Duration:  Instant
Type:  Simple
Minimum Archery:  4
Minimum Essence:  4
Prerequisite Charms:  Essence Arrow

This charm is another Essence Arrow arrow. It needs only 1 EXP.

The solar fires a two pronged arrow or a "lighting bolt" of crackling essence at the unfortunate target. Choosing to sacrifice damage for stopping power.

This charm does not damage exalts and only does minimum damage, if any, to other creatures and mortals. Instead if the shot hits the shooter rolls a dex and archery roll against the targets resistance and stamina roll. If the target rolls higher than the shooter nothing happens.

If the shooter rolls a higher number than the target. The target is minus dice equal to the shooter's successes minuses the target's for any roll the storyteller decides would be affected by being stunned during their next turn. Non Exalted characters cannot move if their essence is less than the shooters. If their essence rating is higher or equal to the shooter their move is halved for the next turn.

If the number of success after calculation is greater than the shooters essence and the target is not an exalted they pass out for hours equal to the shooters essence plus the successes. Exalted targets get another stamina and resistance roll to resist passing-out needing to beat the shooters essence. If they fail they pass out for hours equal to the shooters essence.