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I'm a newbie Exalted storyteller, working with a few other people to create a quirky and (hopefully) interesting campaign involving an attempted inroads on the Sacred Isle.

I'll probably use this spot to put up my personal ideas and opinions on the story as it progresses.

The story so far!

Several DragonBlooded children, going to school at the Heptagram.

Ailanna - Obsessed with making swords, with swinging swords, with looking at swords. She's a princess's princess. Writes romance novels in her spare time. (Earth)

Ansha - Sleeps with people for better grades. And for fun.

Daron - He... well, he has a spear, and armor, and doesn't talk a whole lot. (Air)

Kechido - Secretly an Iselsi, a member of the Eye, and silent prettyboy. (Water)

Lorelei - (Air)

Their teacher.

Sulu - Mysterious fellow, seems to know all about the pasts of all his students. Events don't always pass in chronological order around him.

Contact at the village.

Tuvok - An old pervert from the small village Sulu always sends them to, he's a Wood exalt. Slept with Ansha (no surprise there). He's actually good looking for a 260 year old.