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A little about me:

Better known as Shawn Truesdell, I am a handheld video-game designer in the pacific northwest. I've been into the tabletop RPG hobby since... well... elementary school. I've been drawn to Exalted since it was released, and I've run a couple fairly successful campaigns in the last few years.
I started the hobby with Dungeons and Dragons, 'graduated' to Rifts around fifth-grade, and gave it up in eighth. I found White-Wolf's system to be slick, and added Vampire:TM to an early appreciation of Goth. Done with that, and back to wearing normal clothes, I think I really preferred Mage:TA until Exalted came around. Mage wasn't remotely playable with the group of people I used to hang with, but we were young. Loved the fiction.
College was a bit of a Roleplaying Haitus for me. I read the books, but never really found a group of RPG-friendly folks at my school who did not also strike me as the overly munchkiny types. Ah, college.
Exalted fell into my hands a while ago, and I've been hooked. The delighful images the system encourages coupled with a vast and eclectic setting are everything I've wanted in an RPG forever. Hooray!

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