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Looksy's Hearthstones

Renewal Gem Wood ****

This hearthstone is shaped like an unopened bud of brilliant green. When left in contact with a nonliving item, that item will 'heal' any damage it has sustained. Rips in clothing mend, scars on wooden furniture vanish, and chips of stone or metal will fill in. This 'healing' does not work on items made from the five magical materials. However, if the Renewal Gem is used to power an artifact (as a level 3 hearthstone) the artifact will cease to require maintainence until attunement is lost, or the stone is removed, as reagents that wear down or run out grow back just as quickly. This does not affect malfunctions from prior missed maintainence.

System Flow Stone Water ***

When this Hearthstone is used to power an artifact (as a level two hearthstone) it allows power reserves to be fluidly reassigned. The bearer may boost the effectiveness of an enhancement tied to maintainence (*) by half by turning off another such enhancement. This can be done multiple times, but no effect may be more than doubled.

Inspired Technician's Gem (Jury-Rigging Rock) Air **

Sometimes you just need it to work /now/. The hearthstone bearer may repair a mundane item or artifact (or perform maintainence on one) with a single dramatic action (Or with a miscellaneous action with an appropriate stunt). This costs no resources, and does not penalize the bearer for a lack of tools or materials (or the poor quality of same), but do not otherwise decrease the difficulty. Repairs last only for a single scene. Maintainence counts as being fulfilled as normal, though only half the normal time passes until the next maintainence is needed. Each use of this hearthstone on an item /cumulatively/ increases the difficulty to repair or maintain it by 1 until it is properly maintained and restored (normal tools and cost, five times the time required). As such, some users continue to use this stone until the item is beyond their ability to restore.

Perfected Stone Solar *+

This hearthstone supplies essence for all purposes as if it were a hearthstone of double its actual level. (occupying the Manse does not provide any more essence than usual, however).

General Hearthstones

Iron Body Stone Earth ***

This hearthstone doubles the bearer's stamina for the purposes of calculating inherent bashing and lethal soak. They even gain an aggravated soak of 1/2 their stamina.

Test House Rules:

Craft works like linguistics, in that each dot allows you to pick a type of craft (in the same way that linguistics lets you pick a language). Types of craft include the five divisions of mortal crafting, fatecrafting, magitech, artifice, moliation, etc.

Merits are availiable which add additional types of crafts or additional languages before essence 6.

War is an added ability. With charms which are relevant to war. SeeScrollreader/WhatToDoAboutWar for some ideas. There is no martial arts ability. Brawl equal to the MA rating is required to learn MA styles, and some styles may require other abilities. (Snake and Tiger require only brawl, Mantis and VBoS may require Melee, etc)