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Character Sheet

Solar Exalt

Name: Twice Clashing Lightning
Caste: Dawn
Motivation: Clear the world of undesirable elements
Anima: +2 DV's vs Low Valor (+ Improved)
Concept: Focused, Righteous Monk
XP: Left/Total: 0/50


8 Strength: 4, Dexterity: 5, Stamina: 5
4 Charisma: 5, Manipulation: 1, Appearance: 1
6 Perception: 2, Intelligence: 2, Wits: 5
24 xp (Str 1-4)


Archery: , Athletics: 5, Awareness: 5, Bureaucracy:, Craft():
Dodge: 4, Integrity: 3, Investigation: , Larceny: , Linguistics(): 1
Lore:, Martial Arts: 5 , Medicine: , Melee: , Occult: 3
Performance: , Presence:, Resistance: 5, Ride: , Sail: ,
Socialize:, Stealth: 3, Survival: , Thrown:, War:
25 + 7BP + 12xp (Athletics 4 to 5)(Dodge 3 to 4)


Martial Arts: Unarmed 3
Dodge: Exalts 3
2BP 6xp


Old Realm, High Realm


Artifact: 4 (Bracers)
Artifact: 1 (Breastplate)
Artifact: 1 (Fivefold Harmonic Adapter)
Manse: 3


5 Compassion: 1, Conviction: 3, Temperance: 1, Valor 5.
3 BP, Valor to 5
Intimacies: My Students
Virtue Flaw: Foolhardy Contempt

Willpower: 8
Essence: 5
Essence pool: 23(13) Personal / 53 Peripheral / 10 Personal & 0 Peripheral Committed

Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying


Key = (Essence 3 Set)Essence 5 Set/Exp Charms

Arms of the Unconquered Sun Style (11)1
Day and Night Kata
Spirit Over Clouds Approach
Rising Sun Form
Shining Sun Form
Fading Sun Form
Sleeping Sun Form
Meditation Upon the Spear
Meditation Upon the Horn
Meditation Upon the Shield
Meditation Upon the Laurel
Heaven and Earth Stairway
Crowned Sun Form
Martial Arts (3)0
Second Martial Arts Excellency
Martial Arts Essence Flow
Infinite Marital Arts Mastery
Integrity (0)1
Shedding Infinite Radiance
Resistance (5)0/1
Durability of Oak Meditation
Iron Skin Concentration
Iron Kettle Body
Adamant Skin Technique
Armored In Righteousness Stance
Ox-Body (1x-1, 2x-2)
8xp (Adamant Skin)
Awareness (0)1
Surprise Anticipation Method
Athletics (1)3
Monkey Leap Technique
Graceful Crane Stance
First Athletics Excellency
Lightning Speed


Burned into Night 3 point Freebie
Spirit Over Clouds Approach, Second Martial Arts Excellency, Day and Night Kata
Cost: 1w, 4m +0-10m per attack, +4m +0-10m if attacked
Form+IMAM: 1w, 2m +0 per attack, 2m +0m if attacked
Unblockable attack, Pumped attack successes, Pumped defense successes, and ends enemy mult-attack combo's or flurries.
Unanswerable Clarion 4 point Freebie
Meditation Upon the Shield, Second Martial Arts Excellency, Adamant Skin Technique, Surprise Anticipation Method
Cost: 1w, 1m/Surprise, +0-10m per attack/defense +4m per soak +4m per counter.
Form+IMAM: 1w, 1m/Surprise, +0m per attack/defense +4m per soak +2m per counter.
Perfect soak, pump defense and offense if i need to, and counterattack with disarm or clinch, whichever seems most useful at the time.
Girded in Holy Light 5 point Freebie
Iron Kettle Body, Graceful Crane Stance, Monkey Leap Technique, Lightning Speed, Adamant Skin Technique
Cost: 1w, 13m 1w (+2/4 Motes per attack on me)
Power up. Soak, Movement, Jump, Balance to negate environmental factors AND stunt fodder, and a perfect just in case someone makes the faux pas of attacking during the power up phase. Never attack when they're powering up. It's rude.


Jade Perfected Kata Bracers
Orichalcum Breastplate (6B/8L/8A Hardness 3/3/0)
Orichalcum Fivefold Harmonic Adapter (On Bracers)
Precision of Form Gemstone


Join Battle: 10
Armor B/L/A 11/13/8 Hardness: 3/3/0
All Forms Soak: B/L/A 16/18/13 Hardness: 3/3/0
Fading Sun Soak: B/L/A 21/23/13 Hardness: 3/3/0
Iron Kettle Body + Anyform: B/L/A 29/31/13 Hardness: 3/3/0
Iron Kettle Body + Fading Sun: B/L/A 34/36/13 Hardness: 3/3/0
Pierced: B/L/A -3/-4/0

Defense Values

DDV: 9 (5 Dex + 4 Dodge + 5 Essence + 3 Spec = 17/2 = 9)
PDV: 8 (5 Dex + 5 MA + 3 Spec + 2 Def = 15/2 = 8)
DMDV: 8 (3 Integrity + 7 Willpower + 5 Essence = 15/2 = 8)
PMDV: 3 (Honest)(Cha 5 + Ability 0 = 5/2 = 3)


Punch: Spd- 5, Acc- 14, Dmg- 4B, Def- 8, Rate- 3
Kick: Spd- 5, Acc- 13, Dmg- 7B, Def- 7 , Rate- 2
Clinch: Spd- 6, Acc- 13, Dmg- 4B, Def- N/A, Rate- 1
Rising Sun Punch: Spd- 5, Acc- 20, Dmg- +10B/L, Def- 11, Rate- 5
Other Form Punch: Spd- 5, Acc- 19, Dmg- +9B/L, Def- 10, Rate- 5
Dawn Anima (Improved): +1 Acc +2 Dmg


Move: 5 (+5 Lightning Speed +5 Rising Sun form)
Dash: 11 (+5 Lightning Speed +5 Rising Sun form)
Jump: High: 10 (20 if Monkey Leap Technique is up)
Jump: Long: 20 (40 if Monkey Leap Technique is up)

Comments and Questions

So, this should be the final build for Essence 5 (barring any mistakes on my part). It's easy enough to drop it to Essence 3 if someone wants to challenge it on that playing field, although the character feels more complete at this level. I've made it so he doesn't auto die to surprise attacks, he has decent offense, big defense pools and soak, and more or less is as well balanced as i can see. With heaven and earth stairway, it seems like I should be able to adapt to almost any strange attack or circumstance that comes up. --Sabis

Couple of thing I've noticed, mind you I don't have my MRB book with me:

Virues can't be raised above 3 without bonus points, so you can't have 1,1,3 and 4 at character creation.
Raising your virtues with xp doesn't raise your willpower
Backrgounds likewise can't go above 3 without bonus points, so I'm assuming you spent the 2bp to get artifact to 4. If that's the case you have 8 dots of backgrounds.

Other than that looks very good. - Bencyclopedia

Exalted 2nd Ed, page 75: "You cannot raise a character's starting virtue above 4 without spending bonus points." It was 3 in 1st ed, IIRC, but they changed it to 4 in 2nd ed, in the text and the chart (unless there's errata on those that I missed). But you're right, raising w/ xp does not raise my WP. Silly me leaving calculation till the end. =) Yep, 1 bp for Artifact 3-4, and then 1 bp for an extra dot of artifact. (9 in total)

Right you are indeed, I hadn't noticed the change. Backgrounds however cost 2bp if being raised above 3. - Bencyclopedia

Ahh crap, knew i screwed up. =p Fixed. Droped my Dodge, droped my Conviction, re-bought my Dodge, bought two extra dots in dodge specialty. -Sabis